Top Ten Total Drama Island Characters Who Should Get Shrunk and Stepped On

If you like any of these characters, be polite please.

The Top Ten Total Drama Island Characters Who Should Get Shrunk and Stepped On

1 Chris McLean Chris McLean is a fictional character from the Total Drama Island series as the official host who makes the campers perform a series of challenges for immunity ranging from often humiliating to dangerous.

Don is better than this piece of crap Chris McLean.

Pretty harsh dude he shouldn't pass away, he is bad though.

He was so annoying and did HORRIBLE things to the campers! He deserves to die!

2 Chef Hatchet
3 Heather

Sorry girl, but you gotta go - Meg21

She was so manipulative! I hated her!

Your dumb, heather! (don't HATE ME)

4 Sasquatchanakwa
5 Ezekiel

He was boring, stupid, nerdy, and said that boys are better than girls.

6 Eva

She is so stupid and jerky!

7 Duncan

I know a lot of you guys like him, but please respect my opinion on him. I hated his relationship with Courtney so I hate Duncan but the top 4 are WAY worse!

8 Noah

He doesn't care about anything. By the way, if you like him, please respect my opinion.

9 Sadie

She is a fat idiot and worse than Katie.

10 Katie

The Contenders

11 Harold

He is really weird...

12 Gwen

Get her off this list or else I will kill you

She Is so irritating How She treats Trent and Courtney! Argh! She annoys me so Much!

13 Justin
14 Leshawna
15 Izzy
16 Sugar
17 Beardo
18 Zoey
19 Ella
20 Leonard
21 Mary
22 Tammy
23 Amy
24 Ellody
25 Jay
26 Mickey
27 Pete
28 Gerry
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