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I have too may unpopular opinions, GaH o_O Time to go to opinion jail!
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1 Disney is Awful

I like them but Pixar is better. I also disagree with you on musicals. - RoseWeasley

Disney sucks. It's boring and I hate musicals and singing in movies. So glad I am not the only one who hates that overrated garbage Disney. - UltraLunalaX

It's not awful and suck-y, in my opinion. Just not all that good. - Jasmine21064

It's mediocre - Peppapigsucks

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2 Cats are Annoying

This is a popular opinion, and I disagree. - Luckys

Dogs rule, cats drool! - IceBearRules

Dogs are more annoying in my opinion. - Userguy44

Me definitely agree. - TriggerTrashKid

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3 Titanic is garbage

The Film Is Hideous. It Made The Nleach Sales Go Up. - AlphaQ

I didn't like it, but it wasn't really garbage.

I agree. - 3DG20

Found it alright but overrated - PeeledBanana

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4 Led Zeppelin is Talentless

They need to quit...screw Stairway to McDonald's and Dread Zeppelin. - AlphaQ

More like Dread zepelface from McDonald's. They plagiarised more than twenty songs and they are so boring. - UltraLunalaX

AlphaQ I respect your opinion, but can you please respect the opinion of those who like them? Thanks.

I agree with you totally. First off, I can't STAND the voice of Robert Plant. It aggravates me. Second, their songs are trash. Third, most of their songs are ripoffs. Fourth, Metallica is the best band ever, no question. Fifth, sorry for being WAY off topic with the fourth reason. - PhoenixAura81

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5 Cardi B is a great rapper

This is actually a popular opinion although I disagree - DrayTopTens


6 Rap is Awesome

It's the best genre ever. - AlphaQ

I prefer rap over pop. And that's because rap is actually good - Peppapigsucks

Rap can be cool. I like a little NWA and especially Rage Against the Machine - yungstirjoey666

Old rap is fine, but the rap we have today is really complete trash. - RogerMcBaloney

I'm only an occasional listener, I prefer Rock and Metal music, but yeah I guess today's rap isn't complete trash, you just have to find the right artists. - RogerMcBaloney

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7 Autistic People can be Cool

They are and I agree. - Luckys

Agreed. They're still people! - Misfire

I have autism - UltraLunalaX

True! - RoseWeasley

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8 Being popular is a good thing

I'm 1 of the most popular kids in my school. - AlphaQ

It's cool being da popular one - Peppapigsucks

I kinda am a secretly popular boy at my schools even though I hardly realize it, when I was going to change school all the teachers tried their best to make me stay, but before that I didn't know of my popularity - darthvadern

That’s true, but people make it sound more important than it really is. - 3DG20

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9 Linkin Park isn't good at  all

I like Metallica way better - Peppapigsucks

I actually agree with this. - RogerMcBaloney

I respect your opinion. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Eh I respect your opinion.

10 The Weeknd is Incredible

He is. Listen to Starboy and some of his old songs. - AlphaQ

I like him. I feel it coming. - TriggerTrashKid

Yeah - iliekpiez

Only thing I'll agree with. - BoredJeff02

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11 Transformers Dark of the Moon was alright

Transformers live action stuff is trash, no offense. - Queen_Hoe

Yeah, while the Bayformers series as whole was just an abomination, at least the third installment was kinda enjoyable and fun - darthvadern

I like DotM - TriggerTrashKid

12 Pop Music is Great

It's fun. - AlphaQ

Overhated on this site, in my opinion. - Jasmine21064

Some songs are good, but most just annoy me. - Gametoon

I agree, depending on the artist. - RoseWeasley

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13 Game of Thrones isn't that Interesting

I'm not a fan of Game of Thrones either. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Another thing we agree on! - RogerMcBaloney

I haven’t seen or really care to see Game of Thrones to be honest with you. - 3DG20

14 Justin Bieber isn't that bad as a whole

Yea there are so much worse. - AlphaQ

Someone finally said it. - Jasmine21064

He's not that bad. There's much worse music artists like Die Antwoord and Blood On The Dance Floor. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

He's horrible but that that horrible - darthvadern

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15 Old-Nicki Minaj was decent

Super Bass, Starships, Pink Friday as a whole. Man, I sure miss the times when Nicki Minaj was a fun artist. Now she's just a dirty slut... - AlphaQ

Fine enough. Stupid Hoe was the beginning of the new Nicki Minaj - TriggerTrashKid

I agree. I like Starships, Super Bass, and her collaborations with artists like David Guetta. My favorite song by her is Roman's Revenge featuring the greatest rapper ever: Eminem. Now, her songs are some of the worst I've heard. Mostly Anaconda (sorry to the snake species). - PhoenixAura81

She was good
Was. - iliekpiez

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16 Fortnite is Overhated

More like overrated. - Gametoon

Okay, it may be more overhated on this site, but it's way too overrated everywhere else. - Gametoon

It's way too overhated. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

I agree - DrayTopTens

Yes Yes Yes. - TriggerTrashKid

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17 Kpop is garbage
18 Fall Out Boy is not a good band

Agreed. Not a fan of them. - Userguy44

19 Jackie Evancho isn't that great

I found her alright but overrated. - Userguy44

She ain't a goddess people! - TriggerTrashKid

I agree. To be honest, I have a feeling a lot of the praise comes from her being young. - 3DG20

The funny thing is that a lot of teen artists are bashed on this site. - AlphaQ

20 Rebecca Black isn't even that bad, apart from Friday

Agreed. My Moment is actually pretty nice. - Bammer73

Yeah, I agree. - Jasmine21064

I think most people just have not heard her other songs.

21 Civil War is better than Infinity War

I'm referring to Avngers series. - AlphaQ

I think the other way around. Infinity War was excellent and one of the all-time best movies whereas Civil War was just confusing and boring, I respect your opinion though - darthvadern

They're equal for me. - TriggerTrashKid

22 Quavo is the worst Migos member

How is that unpopular I think that to

23 Migos are actually a decent rap group
24 My Chemical Romance sucks

wait what? - Queen_Hoe

I don’t think they suck, but I certainly don’t get the hype over them either... - 3DG20

25 Metal Music Isn't Even That Good

I love metal, and I respect your opinion. - yungstirjoey666

I like it. - Gametoon

It sucks - Luckys

I agree as well, all of it kinda sounds the same ol' electric guitars, and drums, and yadda yadda yadda - darthvadern

I disagree strongly. Metal is very diverse and has many subgenres. There are countless different sounds and tones you can create with the instruments, unlike the beats in pop and rap which all sound pretty much the same. - RogerMcBaloney

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26 Nostalgia is Pointless

I disagree with this one the most I think - darthvadern

It’s nice to look back at some old things every once in a while, but yeah, I’m not much of a nostalgia person. - 3DG20

27 Pixels and Grown Ups are good films

I like both, too. - Jasmine21064

I like Grown Ups. I haven’t seen Pixels though. - 3DG20

28 The Lion King is far too overrated

It is a great movie but it is overrated. - Gametoon

Yes. - Jasmine21064

Yes, I mean I love it but Toy Story is far better - darthvadern

I agree. - 3DG20

29 Amazing Spiderman 2 is too overhated

It's not even that bad to be honest. - Misfire

True, it might be confusing and a bit strange but it's emotional - darthvadern

30 Migos are fun to listen to
31 Slime videos are not satisfying

I agree. These “satisfying” videos are just pure cancer. - 3DG20

32 2010s Hip Hop is better than 2000s Hip Hop
33 Nicki Minaj is just as overhated as Justin Bieber

Yes. - Jasmine21064

I think she’s more overhated. - 3DG20

34 Neither Nicki Minaj or Cardi B are the worst female artists, the worst is Iggy Azalea

I think they’re all terrible. - 3DG20

35 Septum piercings are ugly

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