Top Ten TopTenners Who Should Date Britgirl

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1 Keyson

Why do I have to deal with SO MANY random people who want my girlfriend? - keyson

Keyson has to get used to many male users who want to date his girlfriend - the gorgeous, warm-hearted, funny, kind, sensitive Britgirl. I have been an admirer of her since she came to this site. I love her.

Dude keyson you know britgirl only loves you - leafstar

Keyson and Britgirl are the PERFECT COUPLE so Keyson deserves to be number 1. - cutiepiestarlight

2 PositronWildhawk

I was thinking this because Britgirl and PositronWildhawk are the two most popular users. - DrayTopTens

Positron and Britgirl are good friends, but I doubt that they will date - EpicJake

Even though these 2 are good friends, they will never date. - nintendofan126

Britgirl is way older than him anyways. - cosmo

3 Britboy

Honestly? This whole list is just creepy. Find something better to do with your spare time, like reading a book. - PetSounds

Is it just me, or does your name imply that you're a stalker? - Songsta41

Or he's just joking and you guys should stop being so hypersensitive - Nateawesomeness

I am so relieved that I'm not on here. laugh out loud. - funnyuser

Because every time someone says that their glad not to be there they add they name on the list - BigBrotherSucks

Britboy created this list and he's first, coincidence I THINK NOT!

4 Admin

Oh I get it. The creator of this site should date her. - EpicJake

He's already married. - Oliveleaf

Come on. Admin is the administrator of this site. Why would he date Britgirl? - cosmo

5 Alexandr
6 Kiteresunu
7 funnyuser

Girls date each other - GumballWaterson

Totally her. She is so much younger and a girl. Of course it will work - AnonymousChick

Actually, both britgirl and funnyuser are girls - EpicJake

I doubt britgirl or funnyuser would want to date each other - leafstar

8 Pug

We are friends. Nothing more. - Pug

Isn't pug A... Pug? - spongebobgymnast2

9 Finch

Hey, Hey, Finch... he.. Must have been married by now! - Animefan12

Yet, my favorite TopTenner is going trough on this list, brace yourself for a another - CerealGuy

10 PatrickStar

Hmm PatrickStar is 8 and britgirl is 24 they are obviously gonna date

(SARCASM) - RockStarr

PatrickStar is about 13 years younger than brtgirl. Be realistic! Plus, keyson is the only one who would consider dating britgirl. I bet britboy is an account made by some troll to aggrevate us. - Turkeyasylum

Thank god I'm not on here. - Goatworlds

Lol best ship yet(sarcasm) - Nateawesomeness

The Contenders

11 Ethanmeinster

I don't care if I'm too young. I mean, Madonna dated a 26 year old, and that's a larger age difference. - ethanmeinster

12 htoutlaws2012
13 Epicjake

EpicJake is 11 he's to young to date a user in her 20's. Someone better not add me here. - nintendofan126

We are friends. Just friends. Plus I'm 11 and she is 23 - EpicJake

Britgirl is 40 epicjake is 12 - leafstar

Yea... I voted for him... - Minecraftcrazy530

14 SelfDestruct

Date someone with bad taste in music. Britboy is such a bag! - JaysTop10List

15 Hriday
16 Garythesnail

Ok... This is a bit unsettling. Don't get me wrong, Britgirl is a lovely person and friend, but I don't like her like that. Even if I did, I'm 10 years younger. - Garythesnail

*spits out water* What kind of self respecting person would want my (unrelated) 13 year old brother to date a woman in her 20's? - RiverClanRocks

17 nintendofan126

Why the heck is he on here? He isn't interested in her, and he is way too young! - Minecraftcrazy530

I knew someone was gonna add me here. - nintendofan126

Phew I'm not on here! LOL! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Nintendofan126 isn't a lesbian. - Goatworlds

18 Lem

If I get added here, this list would be a nightmare. - EpicJake

19 SevenLizards

SevenLizards is 13! He's to young for Britgirl. If I get added, I will unleash my dark side. ! - nintendofan126

20 Cartermd

UM ok. Who even added me to this list? - Cartermd

Ok who even added me to the list? - Cartermd


This list is so creepy. - RockFashionista

This list should be removed. - ToptenPizza

Why would a 42 year old date a 16 year old!? - MrCoolC

22 TopTenJackson

He is 12. He is 11 years younger than Britgirl. - EpicJake

23 Batmaniscole


24 TerryThebestsoccerplayer

Hi it’s me and I am better at soccer than anyone in the top ten. Who is britgirl lol. - TerryThebestsoccerplayer

25 Heather

She's already married to Admin. - Catacorn

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