Top Ten ways Windows Phone 8 is Still Better Than Windows 10 Mobile In 2016

Now that a half year has already passed since first Windows 10 Mobile handsets are available, and Microsoft tirelessly and continuously works updating its half baked Windows 10 system, as a Windows platform fan-boy (Je suis 1 percent) I want to bring attention to where Windows 10 Mobile fails to even meet the usefulness they had with Windows Phone 8, not to mention iPhone or Android.

The Top Ten

1 Double tap to wake up

In Windows Phone 8 you could double tap on the screen to wake it up.
In Windows 10 Mobile you need to always nag a side button, I think it will fall off someday. And that button always gets in the way, when you give someone a phone to take a picture. Oops, it turned off again. Is that hard for anyone to reach the button on the top? - Mantvydas

2 List of recent app updates

In Windows Phone 8 you could see the list of recent app updates. Is the app updated and when was it updated.
In Windows 10 Mobile, they think you just want to be updated and they'll do all the upgrades for you silently. - Mantvydas

3 Rich glance screen

In Windows Phone 8 the glance screen was richer, you could have weather forecast on the glance screen.
In Windows 10 Mobile, it's current time and your upcoming appointments only. - Mantvydas

4 Separate icons for each mailbox

In Windows Phone 8 you could have a separate icon on Start screen for every mailbox you have, and get separate notifications for every mailbox.
In Windows 10 Mobile all your mailboxes are in one icon, and Notifications is one big mess. - Mantvydas

5 Sound on arriving e-mail!

In Windows Phone 8 you could hear a sound when a new e-mail arrives.
In Windows 10 Mobile, you can set the sound for an arriving e-mail, but you never hear it. - Mantvydas

6 Turn on a side to conveniently read e-mail

In Windows Phone 8 mailbox, you could turn your telephone on a side, and have bigger letters in an e-mail you read.
In Windows 10 Mobile, they think there's a place for a list of e-mails on the left and you just can't get rid of it. - Mantvydas

7 Attached zip files open

In Windows Phone 8, when you received an e-mail with a ZIP file attached, you could rest assured you'll get to the contents.
In Windows 10 Mobile you have to look for a perfect app for it, and you know the quality of apps on Windows Store. - Mantvydas

8 No FM radio on premium phones

In Windows Phone 8, if you had a premium telephone, you had ALL the features.
In Windows 10 Mobile Lumia 950, you just don't have FM Radio, for example. - Mantvydas

9 Built-in QR code reading

In Windows Phone 8 in two taps, you could go to a Bing search engine, tap an eye icon and instantly read any QR code you see on the street.
In Windows 10 Mobile you have to look for a perfect app for it, and you know the quality of apps on Windows Store. - Mantvydas

10 Data plan sense

The Contenders

11 Some apps not supported that existed before

In Windows Phone 8, there were apps and games, you loved, that have been created for Windows Phone 8. But not only new apps haven't appeared in new platform, but old loved ones no longer work. - Mantvydas

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