Why You Should Not Buy a Hewlett Packard Laptop

The Top Ten
1 They are Slow

Me and my brother got a HP laptop for Christmas and it was super slow even though it was brand new fresh from the box

I own it. This really sucks

2 The Battery Drains Too Quickly

The laptop had very poor battery life when we got it and it was not damaged or overcharged

3 It's a Poor Choice for Gaming

I can run games like skyrim or call of duty in 40-60fps while on my hp laptop I get 10-20fps

4 They Have the Worst Customer Care
5 They Overheat Fast
6 These Laptops Have a High Chance to Fail
7 Bad Program Launching
8 It's Poorly Reviewed
9 The GPUs are Weak
10 The Hardware is Low Quality
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