Worst Things About Being the Oldest Sibling


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21 Parents always assume you're a "bad influence"

How Is It that I'm the one being accused of watching rated R animes, when My brother sometimes watches intense cartoons like South Park? Pointless isn't It? - MLPFan

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22 You never get to have an older brother/sister to depend on him/her or seek their help and support

TRUE! I always want to have an older sibling! But well, I was destined to be an oldest sibling, there's nothing I can do. As an oldest sibling, it's pretty hard. There's no one to rely on. No one to help you with your problems, except parents, but well, my parents only give me some not-so-good advices ("stay strong and be patient"), and that's it - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

I always wanted an older sibling.

This may not be the most common (cousins, friends, etc.), but it's definitely one of the most influential. - Cfp3157

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23 When your parents are mad at your younger siblings they show it on you, just because your older
24 Your parents call your sibling good names while they call you bad names

How my parents describe me to other people:
An 11 year old with a mature-looking body that actually has a mind of a 3 year old (I'm so sick of hearing this one), extremely lazy, careless, unkind, very immature, other bad things
How my parents describe my younger sister to other people:
A cheerful 9 year old, kind, caring, friendly, hard-working (seriously dad?!?! ), nice, funny, cute, confident, other good things - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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26 You are not allowed to get certain toys or gadgets because your younger sibling might swallow up all the small parts.
27 Your sibling can annoy you and you're not allowed to get mad

My sister is allowed to poke and shout at my ears when I'm studying and I'm not allowed to tell her to shut up - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

28 "Younger first"

Some board games actually have a rule, "The youngest player's turn is first."

29 "She's/he's too young to understand"
30 Your younger sibling tries to make you look like an idiot
31 Grandparents, uncles, etc. "don't have favorites" but the only acknowledgement you get from them is "good morning"
32 They always had the easy way out and if they don't, you are expected to teach them

Think about when you discover way of life trough trial and error and when you discovered it after hardship, your parent will say be nice and share it with your younger sibling, the younger always had the easy way handed to them

33 You are forced by your parents to share all of your secrets with your younger siblings.

Aren't secrets supposed to be KEPT?!?! - BorisRule

Aren't secrets supposed to be KEPT?!?! - BorisRule

34 When you are expressing your feelings and they don't care but your younger siblings does the same and suddenly they care.

It sucks! Basically they are saying, "If you are depressed, screw you, your sister going through worse." Turns out she scraped her knee while you are thinking about suicide.

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1. Your parents use you as the "test dummy" for things
2. They learn how to be a proper parent for the younger siblings, but are still learning from you
3. They get scared of milestones (puberty, graduation, moving out, etc.) with their oldest child, but know what to expect for the younger siblings



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