Top Ten Worst Things About Chris McLean from Total Drama

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1 He's annoying

Oh please, Chris is far worse than annoying. He's downright nasty! And all of his fans are just as deluded as he is.

It is slightly creepy how he never shows remorse for anything

He is definitely one of those characters that people love to hate!

For me, Chris isn't so bad. - nintendofan126

2 He's ugly

Flips (nickname the mint green bear from happy tree friends) is so much cute and so much Hot with a capital H Chris McLean is not hot or cute he is a ugly piece of crap that thinks that he is hot witch he isn't

Oh give me a break! People who like Chris are being too soft! Maybe if Chris wasn't the biggest jerk in all of the Total Drama franchise, maybe I would have feelings for him!

Chris is actually a good character. - cosmo

Now is this a bad reason. Without Chris, the show wouldn't be the same. - Therandom

3 He listens to private things

He knows everything the campers say

Thank goodness, we got a much better host in "The Ridonculous Race", season 7 of Total Drama.

It's always Chris's fault that the teen's secrets are always exposed.

Oh No!
Chris Is One Naughty Man!

4 He is mean

Make Don the permanent host of Total Drama.

What Chris does is really not okay! I have seen Fear Factor, and unlike Chris, Joe Rogan is never dishonest, treats his competitors with respect, and he is fair and shows legititimate concern.

He refused to Help Sierra after she blew up his plane.

5 He disqualified Sierra just because of an accident

She lost her hair and unable to walk after the explosion

Chris mclean room better be destroyed

She blew his plane in total drama World Tour. Karlie the Treaoious

Here's a song about what I think of Chris. It's to the tune of the My Little Pony song "Bats":
Me: That Chris McLean will give you fright,
Torturing teens both day and night!
He rests for a minute, maybe three,
Then he tortures everyone and finds it funny!
He doesn't care about nada, not zilch, no nothing!
Except bringing about other lives' destruction!
Owen: Now wait just a minute, there's another side to this.
Now if I did not defend him, then I would be remiss.
Chris has huge feelings too,
He cares for us just like our families do.☺️
Me: Oh give me break, you're being to kind,
This big jerk has a one-track mind!
He doesn't deserve to be a host,
And does he ever think what others want most?
No, he doesn't, and that is just a fact!
Yeah Chris simply does not know how to act! 😠
Lindsay: That's where I have to disagree,
He's loyal to his family,
Spreading fame both far and wide😇
Me: You see him coming you ...more

6 He tricks people

He is such a tricky trickster! Everyone knows he doesn't warn his teenage competitors of the traps he sets up until after the traps are triggered.

7 He's sadistic

-Inhale- IT'S A damn SHOW IDIOTS

The world does not revolve around you Chris! You are not easy to get along with! Treat others the way you want to be treated!

Very sadistic and often tricks and almost kills the cast. Very wicked guy. - PizzaGuy

He created Feral Zeke, put Al in a robot suit for a year, almost killed over half the TDAS cast the writers confirmed they're OK), make a fake island to torture the TDPI cast, almost killed the cast in other ways, left Dakota in a mine full of toxic waste (which resulted in Dakotazoid), he starved his interns, he let one of his interns become mutant, he didn't give the contestants coats in the YUKON, he almost drowned all but two TDAS contestants in the Flush of Shame, he faked his death TWICE, he took Gwen's prize away from TDI by force in her ending, and he made some of the contestants walk across a tightrope over alligator-infested waters. I seriously hope that in the finale of TD, Chris gets a serious injury... - Turkeyasylum

8 He's a drama queen

Chris is the king of sadism!

More like drama king. Karlie the Treaoious

9 He had sex with Anne Maria who is a minor

This was messed up when he did that.

10 He threw Blaineley off the plane because she wouldn't have sex in his hot tub

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11 He turned Dakota into Dakotazoid
12 He Turned Ezekiel into a monster

I was horrified when I found out Zeke was a beast!

13 He hates everyone and everyone hates him.

Chris is what people call, a cartoon character that everyone loved to hate.

14 He hates the Pittsburgh Penguins

Chris McLean disrespects penguins!

15 He still isn't in jail

Someone as sadistic and psychotic as him still deserves to be behind bars.

He was arrested because he polluted Camp Wawanakwa with toxic waste!

Put is a cell with a rapes😈

16 He got Lindsay pregnant and didn't pay child support

Excuse me, but who the (bleep) wrote this?! - Gehenna

17 His relationship with Chef is gay and inappropriate
18 He was checking out Gwen's butt when her pants came off
19 He turned Alejandro into a robot

But he would of died otherwise and it's a cool reference to star wars

20 He is the only TV show host in the world who is completely unfair

Amen to that. Chris needs to be fired and Don should continue Total Drama.

I bet you $1,000,000 that Chris loved torturing people ever since he was a kid, and he acted like a spoiled brat!

21 He left Bridgette stranded to a pole in the Yukon on purpose!
22 He's a wimp

He doesn't care about anyone but himself, he should fired and replaced by Don, host of The Ridonculous Race!

23 He harms animals

A poem about what I think of Chris:
That Chris McLean will give you a fright,
Torturing teens both day and night.
He rests for a minute, maybe three,
Then he's harming every teen and thinks it's funny!
He doesn't care about nada, no zilch, no nothing,
Except bringing about an island's destruction!

If you like him, you're being to kind,
This mean guy has a one track mind.
Yeah, I get that he is the host,
But does he ever think what others want most?
No, he doesn't, and that is just a fact!
Yeah Chris just simply doesn't know how to act!

He spreads challenges far and wide,
If you see him coming you better run and hide!
He's big, and ugly, and mean as sin!
Will you look at the state the teens are in!
He sets up games to get rid of them faster,
He turned their lives, to a total disaster!

It comes down to just one simple fact!
He crossed the line, it's time that we attack!

24 He benefits from injuries sustained by others

You have got to be kidding me! Seriously, what kind of person finds people getting killed amusing? What is with you Christopher McLean!

25 He laughs at people getting hurt

People getting hurt really isn't funny, at all!

1. He is a dishonest man!
2. He doesn't treat the teens with respect!
3. He is always the one responsible for causing tension between others people's relationships!
4. He is completely unfair to the teens, and let's them get away with cheating, and he doesn't tell them about any booby traps!
5. He doesn't care about anyone but himself, he wealthy living, his personal belongings, money, being center of attention, being replaced, and embarrassing videos of himself!
6. He is totally a bad citizen to the world. He contminated Camp Wawanakwa with toxic waste, which resulted in all the animals to become mutant monsters. But I was very impressed when he was arrested.

26 He is mean to Chef

Chef would make a MUCH better host than Chris. Chris is almost as bad as Amy! - Turkeyasylum

I definitely would not invite Chris to any of my parties, I would set booby traps of my own around my house if he tries to invite himself! Seriously Chris Mcclean, no one likes you!

27 He attempts murder of the cast

He should stay in The Big House forever!

No way but he is evil and heading to jail. Karlie the Treaoious

28 He's creepy

I hate the way he laughs! And I hate his creepy smile!

His laugh is what makes him creepy!

29 The way he treats Jasmine

I wanted to kick his butt for it too!

30 He is so greedy

He is noting but a greedy little pig!

He only gives the million dollars to ONLY one person.

31 He treats people worse than Josee does

That's saying a lot, considering her treatment towards others.

32 He tortures Gwen and thinks it's funny

He's really sick the stuff he laughs at.

I have to agree with Gwen that Chris has got to hit the road!

33 He's a pervert

He flirts with Lindsay and makes innapropriate comments about some of the girls. He is way to old for any of them.

34 He cheated on Dawn with Zoey just because she's hotter
35 He flirts with minors
36 He smiled when Ezekiel fell into the volcano

Ezekiel isn't my favorite, but he doesn't deserve to turn into a feral!

That sick bastard

37 He pushes people out of planes without them having parachutes on
38 He isn't interesting
39 He turned Dave evil
40 He yells
41 He refuses to let Courtney win a season

Every time Courtney reaches the final five, Chris doesn't want her to win.

42 He always gives female blondes early sendoffs

Expect for Sugar. Ever since TDA, too many of my favorite characters, the blonde females are always getting sent home way too early. I'm tired of this females always go home early gag. It needs to stop.

43 He disqualified Duncan after he blew up his mansion and sent him to security prison.
44 He refused to help Sierra after she blew up his plane
45 He's insane
46 He used an Intern's skeleton as a footstool after the intern was eaten alive by scarabs.

When I looked at the wiki page I felt like I was reading his war crimes.

47 Never got punished for his actions in TDPI.

Even if Ridonculous Race is a Spin-Off, Chris' character never received some closure for the mess caused between ShawnxJasmine and DavexSky.

48 He is Snobby
49 Chris McLean is creepy

He can be creepy but I like that host

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