Top Ten Worst Things About Chris McLean from Total Drama

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21 He is so greedy.

He only gives the million dollars to ONLY one person.

He is noting but a greedy little pig!

22 He treats people worse than Josee does

That's saying a lot, considering her treatment towards others.

23 He tortures Gwen and thinks it's funny

He's really sick the stuff he laughs at.

I have to agree with Gwen that Chris has got to hit the road!

24 He's a pervert

He flirts with Lindsay and makes innapropriate comments about some of the girls. He is way to old for any of them.

25 He had sex with Anne Maria who is a minor

This was messed up when he did that.

26 He got Lindsay pregnant and didn't pay child support
27 He cheated on Dawn with Zoey just because she's hotter
28 His relationship with Chef is gay and inappropriate
29 He was checking out Gwen's butt when her pants came off
30 He flirts with minors
31 He threw Blaineley off the plane because she wouldn't have sex in his hot tub
32 He smiled when Ezekiel fell into the volcano

Ezekiel isn't my favorite, but he doesn't deserve to turn into a feral!

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33 He turned Dakota into Dakotazoid
34 He turned Alejandro into a robot
35 He pushes people out of planes without them having parachutes on
36 He is the only TV show host in the world who is completely unfair

I bet you $1,000,000 that Chris loved torturing people ever since he was a kid, and he acted like a spoiled brat!

37 He isn't interesting
38 He turned Dave evil
39 He yells
40 He refuses to let Courtney win a season

Every time Courtney reaches the final five, Chris doesn't want her to win.

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