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Apple Computers are Amazing! The only reason they are not in front of dell is because they are definitely way more expensive! But you pay for a good computer!
Apple computer looked towards the futer look at the Apple two the first laptop and then Macintosh apple is most best computer company then and now
It's the future but it had lost its leader a couple of years ago... Apple had been pushing the mankind forward from ditch to the sea of knowledge and it still does without its captain of the ship... We need someone to be as innovative as Steve Jobs had been to surpass the current competitors and to take us forward to the depths of "possible" impossible fantasies...
[Newest]The iOS is the best! It's so easy to use. Every time I use Microsoft, I get so confused. Apple products are very easy to operate.

I have an HP 210 1079nr laptop. I thought it wouldn't be very good but it was very good. It ran on Windows 7 starter. Here are my reasons why HP has good products:

1). It has built in verizon wireless

2). Its really fast

3). They put everything up to date and they have new stuff on there
Hp is most powerful and fastest than any other computer I saw and I like that model also.
My hp laptop was new at 2006 and nothing has slowed it down I have upgraded it from vista to windows 7 and still runs fast. If not faster
[Newest]It is the best. No service required in 5 years

Wait, aren't DELL and Alienware the same th-- nevermind, I vote DELL! Out of all the computer's I have owned, including Apple, Gateway, and HP, DELL has ceased to let me down to this day!
It is the best computer that I have in india it is the best computer
It, s feathers is best in the world nothing can like this

[Newest]I have an dell laptop and its too good

Micro soft should be the number one computer company
This should be way above all other companies since it is the founding of this technology age leading to all the technology coming out. Also all computer documents use Microsoft and is the only OS to work effiviently as Apple cannot survive one virus or disaster.
I love Microsoft one of the greatest pc companies of this age they make quality products and stand by their name, got this reason they should be ranked #1
[Newest]Microsoft should be number 1!

Best company.. Best product at right price.. Investing in innovative features
Lenovo has great all around computers. In my opinion better than HP and Dell because it uses quality components in building its computers.
MM many good features such as the Yoga, just I don't like how most of them are made in China and have really bad components, as I got a brand new Lenovo, and then 2 months later it said "Hard drive failure" and the battery stopped working too.
[Newest]Its design is good I like it

Acer is the best here! They have clearly the best laptops out there!
I have an Acer aspire and I bought it 2009 and was alright but after that I happen to be on the computer working putting in schedules and payroll and would just freeze or the computer would shutdown in the middle of me putting in payroll to my boss and it would email the payroll to him and he wouldn't get my email
It is the best in my point of view.
[Newest]Their awesome they have virus protection

Love Samsung New technology helps people for an easier life
Samsung is by far better than dell. I have a dell and it's the worst purchase I've ever made.
I also use it help our home to do their work

I have a brand new Toshiba running Windows 8.1 and I love it. That's hard coming from a die hard MAC user.
Nice I too use toshiba laptop
Excuse me but toshiba is way better
[Newest]It is the best company...

Along with being around for over 100 years, IBM has produced more computing innovations than any other company in the field today. Without IBM, we would have no Social Security, no moon landing. They also promoted civil rights by signing a equality hiring procedure ten years before the United States Government instituted the famous law. This company changed the world, and Apple, Microsoft, and any other prominent companies would be much farther behind, if it wasn't for this beautify ethical, innovative American company.
This is the first company to introduce PC
Innovated from the beginning. By the way, Lenovo is the same company.

Custom build for gaming
Are custom build with easy options to today's best hardware
Best for gaming... Best for you! Awesome pc
[Newest]If I had too buy a computer it would most definitely be alien ware.

The Contenders

The Sony computer I have, has been the best computer I have ever owned! Fast, light, and has never given any problems.
SONY COMPUTER is the best computer that I have ever used.
Its a good commuter but I don't like the design at all, besides not good grafic. Perhaps a little fast

Makes most of the hardware behind the rest of these companies!
For giving us new technology
Best Hardware based computer company hands down.

It gives high performance rate; is very reliable; is best for gaming enthusiasts; doesn't need any installations; is the best laptop I have ever owned; much more user friendly than windows and apple; is much easier to us than Del and Acer; one of the best items I have ever spent money on
High performance gaming laptop. Very reliable. Best laptop I ever owned.
Best for custom builds and gaming computers.
[Newest]Very High performance computers. very nice quality computers.

Greatest in the world of computers
I use this company's laptop which is cheap, amazing and fast.
I am using HCL computer because it nice & super fast.

I want jobe in your company

Sprint has been loosing customers and billions of dollars
For 15 years in a row. This is due to Sprint's MGT and
Corporate sales all working from home goofing off all day. Sales and
MGT fly all over the county having fun.


I can't believe msi isn't higher up in this list. Their gaming series are at least as good as alienware and 1/2 the price ( alienware like apple just sell the brand). The tech support is not the best in the world but besides that it is a great computer manufacturer. My self I used to have alienware and now I have MSI GT70 and I am very happy.
My MSI is amazingly fast, almost never lags, and can run programs like Visual Studio, as well as most modern and graphics-intensive games. This would be my top pick.
Amazing built quality, amazing speed and really easy to upgrade
Is have the MSI GT60 0ND and I would NEVER get anyother computer.
For anyone who plays games on there pc MSI is the way to go
[Newest]Amazing build quality in hardware, great software.

Quality - one word says it all

What the hell is I ball

An apple ball


Does no one know of these people?! They are amazing. Custom computers at a decent prices that run amazingly! Do some research before just voting on brand names like Dell and Crapple, woops, I mean apple.

23Falcon Northwest
My tiki model is the best quality computer I have ever owned, out of 25 or so purchased. It is high performance, sits on a marble base for stability, extremely quiet, cool to the touch, and has been trouble free for the past 2 years.

24Digital Storm

Cyberpower is the worst comp I ever owned, right out or the box was DOA and didn't improve much after it was worked on. Always ran slow, the 2 burners didn't work. Some of the USB';s never worked. boots slow. On/off module was defective. The list goes on and on. For $2,600 I expected better. The only thing that was even worse was the service. I chose them because of the great reviews I read at the time, so beware.

Defiantly reliable and never fails. Though its not number 1 it should at least crack the top 10.
Compaq is the best company
Compaq is best it should be in top 10


28Packard Bell
The windows 8 is unreal it comes with free games great for children and I think it is No.4
They are somehow fast!







It is very famous company in India

All expensive boutique shops with A+ products
Oi gin makes truly awesome gaming computers

I think it's awesome


Gateway is the only one best... brand in world



40PineApple Computers
What the heck is PineApple Computers


42Computer Makers Inc.
The best computer makers ever. Don't you agree?

The best customer service I've ever received. Super high quality product and lifetime warranty. Simple amazing.

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