Best Sound Quality Music Phones

This is the list of the best music phone! (rated on sound quality)

The Top Ten

1 Nokia 5800 XM

The sound is remarkable, brilliant, have good amount of bass, mid, and treble sound. Three of them is balanced. Even I can hear the background sound! The sound is very loud, too.. Great. , It's the best sounding phone ever...

Have you ever listened to Nokia 6233! I think you must

this is a great phone ever I have seen. I have used nokia 5200, 5310, 5800, 6303i, n6260, sony ericsson w200i, w395. Now I am still using nokia n8. 5800 is the best music phone and what to say about the headphone it is just great.
Thank you.

I used to own this stuff 4 years ago, and I still remember that this phone is absolutely magnificent, really miss this stuff, a real music phone

2 Nokia N91

When it comes to music, N91 is definitely the best out there. No doubt about that. The sound is well balanced, there's enough bass, the sound is very crisp, and on top of it all, N91 is the loudest music player in history of cell phones. The only phone in the world that has enhanced music hardware inside. We are talking about DAC plus an audio amplifier. The DAC is manufactured by Toshiba(DAC 33 DSP). Plus... Is send a message of high class.

No other phone till date has been able to beat N91 for its sound quality and loudness! It is better than most of the music players in the market which includes Apple Ipod, Creative Zen, etc. Definitely the best music ever made!

There is no question... N91 is the best music mobile phone ever made. 5800 maybe better in speaker loudness, stereo speakers bla, bla... But on headphones N91 is THE KING. I still don't understand how it's on 3'rd place... I guess only a few of us have been lucky enough to listen to N91. I feel sorry for the rest of you.

I have owned the n91 for years and compared it with most of the phones available. Its Toshibsa DAC and Harman Amplifier are not available in any other phone. This easily beats every phone on this list!

3 Nokia 5130 XM

Why? the cheapest Express Music phone is here? cause we don't playing about any apps, touchscreens, storage memories, or cameras(this is music phone man, not multimedia phone! )so, I think 5130 is the best sound quality phone, why not first? because the phone above this phone just have good overall, not good sound quality...!

If you're smart enough to tune the Equalizer, you'll get the perfect masterpiece sound from this phone!

Phone which is only for music..

"The best audio quality on a Nokia.
Nokia 5130 XpressMusic really did manage to surprise us when we got round to testing its audio output quality. Under the unassuming hood lays the soul of a real musician, certainly the best in the Finnish family. Every part of the audio quality of the Nokia 5130 XpressMusic is excellent, easily rivaling dedicated music players."

4 Sony Xperia Z3

Sony has great sound

5 Nokia N91 8GB

Still cannot be touched. Best mp3 player ever.

Still having 4units of

Still no one can touch this phone in 2017

Still the best in 2016

6 SE W995

I don't play with a 8 MP phone for music... because all I need is the sound! and this is good, not bad...

Nokia fade out compares to this phone audio qua

This is SE's Last Traditional Walkman product! & flagship one, 8mp camera with stereo external speaker :)
Sony Ericsson provide best Headphone ever all time no doubt about that, and they loose their products just for headphone & charging port which not friendly

7 Nokia X6

I was playing around with android phones like vivo xplay6 playing DSD format which sounds great but one day I was looking for cheap phones for old time sake and I've found this Nokia X6, there are some mp3 music in it from the old owner. Surprisingly, the sound is very good. I listened to it for hours without tiring. I've matched it with old panasonic earbuds and it seems like they've made for each other. And I thought mp3 is dead but no... it's alive and kicking on this phone!

8 SE Aino

I think it's not number 1 because it's only have many apps or tools or anything for music entertainment, the Aino don't have best sound quality, but it's still good...

Best audio Quality, the Clear Stereo / Clear Bass combination does the job. Of course the volume is a bit low but there are options for that.

9 Motorola ROKR E6

I know, it's old... but no matter how old is it, this is good music phone!

10 HTC One M8

This phone is everything you need for music clear, crisp and loud front facing stereo speakers, loud and clear headphone output combined with a very stylish aluminum body, android powered with a powerful processor a must have for music and android lovers.

Come on! This smart phone have perfect sound quality and bace. It should be in top.

I used this phone.and I think this phone has more detail,more louder then iPhone 5s was I used before/sorry for my bad English

Number 1 big speker phone

The Contenders

11 SE W98Oi

Yeah, walkman always good, and this is the best walkman ever...

12 Nokia 5730 XM

I think the design for this phone isn't for music, it's for bussines! but I like the keypad font of that font...

This set is fine

13 LG G2X P999
14 Xperia Z

Sony makes the best sound music phone on the market. They the surround sound setting, equalizer with xtra bass, clear audio and more. With good battery life.

It's a truly fantastic music experience, with walkman and xLoud

15 Nokia 6233
16 SE W902i

Another walkman... I don't know why almost all walkman phones is good, except W380i...

17 Nokia 808

This is a remarkable phone, not only for its best camera but also for its top notch sound quality.

This phone has great sound quality by default. But with the Delight custom firmware, the volume levels are raised and it can go quite loud without distortion or quality loss for both the headphone and loudspeaker. Edit the default player EQ to completely flat, turn on the sound mod with ROMpatcher that comes with the firmware and use QuasarMx player. Really awesome sound for music. Add to this dolby audio for videos especially multichannel ac3 files, simply amazing!. Such a modded 808 is definitely a contender for one of the best music phones of all time.

18 Nokia 5300/5200 XpressMusic
19 Nokia 5630 XM

I like almost every nokia music phone, because they have a 3. 5mm jack for almost every headset, earset, and speaker. why this phone far below? 'cause the sound quality of any phone above are better than this phone(that not means this phone is bad, this is still good! )

20 Nokia X3-00

Used to have this phone with built in stereo speakers clear and loud headphone output combined with a sleek design this was the best phone for music.

Are you crazy guys? This is most powerful music phone in the world. Two stereo speakers is aweasome... Brilliant sound system and best in the world

21 Samsung Galaxy J7
22 Nokia N8

Beat any nokia


23 Lenovo Vibe K4 Note
24 SE W960i

I like the music keys of this phone, and this is a good sound too...

This must be the top 2 and the top 1 should be w800! The megabass of these were uncomparable..
No phone can beat the bass of this up to date...

25 Xperia Neo V

Clear bass, very loud, good trebble, and a brilliant phone overall

26 Sony Xperia E1

Great sound qwality no doubt

27 Sony Ericsson Live With Walkman
28 HTC One M8 Harman Kardon Edition
29 Nokia 5230

The best budget music phone ever

30 Lenovo Vibe X3

So far the best for the price

31 SE W900

The sound of this is a beast!
Megabass rules!

32 Sony Xperia Z5
33 Nexus 6p

The loudest high end smartphone is definitely Sony xperia XA Ultra. A powerhouse of speaker that your ears soar at home. With a decent quality.
The loudest stereo speaker high end smartphone is Nexus 6P. These stereo speakers just rock. You don't even need a mini portable speaker. You hear your calls and music with no problem on street. Awesome!

34 LG GM 200
35 Samsung Galaxy A50
36 Nokia E72

Best e series phone with great sound

Best sound ��"�phone

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