Top Ten Colors Kids Like Most

The Top Ten
1 Pink

Seriously? Everyone is just going on and on about how girls would be the only ones who like pink. I know a ton of girls in my class who prefer other colors over pink.

I feel like little girls are obsessed with pink and purple.

Lilybethrocks I bet you are a girly-girl or a little girl

Pink is the most awesome color

2 Blue

Its v good v good its vvv good

its v good

3 Green

Its sosososo good

4 Purple
5 Red

How can it be so down

6 Yellow

I am so surprised yellow isn't #1. Infants like bright colors a lot. Thing though is, that does decrease with age.

7 Orange
8 Gold
9 Black
10 Silver

It's a metallic color but still awesome

The Contenders
11 Magenta

It's a kinda pink

12 Cyan
13 Brown
14 Bronze
15 Aqua
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