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41 Your so weak that you can't hold a grain of salt

I've heard funnier jokes like what is this a grain of salt? Come on. Be more original

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42 I hear the only place you're ever invited is outside.

I am gonna use this on annoying person in my class

43 You look like Justin Bieber

That is so cruel

That is so mean to him laugh out loud

That is a cool coment because I hate Justin Bieber as long as he lives

Yes lmao this just made me laugh immdeatly

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44 I fart to make you smell better.

I'll tell that one to my older sibling. We'll both laugh out loud

Best comeback in human history

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45 If I want your opinion, I'll give it to you.

I'll use this on the wife hopefully she'll divorce me

Divorce isn't pretty you know.

46 If ugliness were bricks then you would be the Great Wall of China

Laugh out loud! Fell off my chair!

I literally just dropped my apple chips all over the floor

This is pretty everyone's lol of the day!

How do you do it man

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47 Nice face, where did you get it? A Cracker Jack box.

Good lord this is so funny!

48 Yo mama so fat when she jumped the earth dropped

This just made me snort.
Oh, that was funny.
Humor at it's simplest.

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49 Why on earth are you here?! School doesn't allow litter!

Hey good one this will surely help me in insulting those fashion crazy bimbos
Who do so much make up that I actually once said to them " are you the ancestors of monkey because you look worst than that "

Love this one! Haha! Another one is, your so ugly that when your mom dropped you off at school she got a fine for littering

This one was so funny I'm gonna use it sometime this week lol

50 You so dumb that you won the lottery and ripped the ticket

It's actually a good idea to rip the ticket 'cause it will be useless after you won the lottery

You wouldn't need the ticket anymore if you've already won (duh)

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51 Get yourself another face, my dog wants her ass back

I will defiantly use this!


I just love this, why isn't it in the top 10?!?

so goood

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52 Your mama's so fat that when she told me her weight I thought it was her telephone number

Jesus this is unreal, if you want another one say to someone you are a dog that needs to be put down, it made half the people I told it to cry

Hilarious next time I'm guessing this

Holy ****! This is awesome!

So good its scary

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53 If I wanted a bitch I would have bought a dog.

Laugh out loud this is hilarious!

Laugh out loud so funny

I'm so using this one

Bruh I'm so using this 😂

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54 You're so dumb that when you got locked in a toilet for the night you pissed yourself.

Haha, that actually happened to one of my mates and no one stops talking about it!

What in the world was that? An insult or a foreign language?

That for me is offensive because I have got problems Like your dad

Can't wait to to see May sisters face when I tell her this

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55 Hey I just met you, and this is crazy but are you sure you were a cute baby?

Love it because its totally Carly Rae Over and done. She is done with, this should be made into a parody! Laugh out loud!

56 Shock me say something intelligent V 1 Comment
57 If I were to slap you, it would be considered animal abuse

I woul have worded it, I would slap you
But that would be animal abuse, just so
It's not as awkward. Still funny though!
Why is it not up higher?

One of the characters in the book I'm writing says something like this to someone (she says "I would kick you in the groin for saying that. Would. Problem is, that'd be animal abuse, which is against the law. So consider yourself lucky.") - IzunaTheClanWarGuy

I know right? Still laugh out loud


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58 You look like a before picture.

Because I really believe that some people in this world deserve to be ridiculed for their appalling behaviour that is actually an insult to stupid people.

Lool before and after... When it comes to you there is no difference

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59 Your mum's so ugly that when she applied for a job at Tescos they said "sorry, due to our recent 'slip-up' no horses allowed"
60 Yo mama so stupid she tried to put M&M's in alphabetical order V 4 Comments
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