Top 10 Interesting Facts About Cars

Cars are an essential invention to society as they are what make commute and journey times faster and more convenient. However, cars aren't just a source of convenience, they are also fascinating machines. In this list, I will be discussing some facts you may have not known related to cars.
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1 The Benz Patent-Motorwagen is the world's first car

The world's first ever automobile was developed in 1885 by Carl Benz, and therefore got it's name the Benz Patent-Motorwagen. It was basically a gas powered motor tricycle built with steel tubing and wood panels. The automobile could travel at a top speed of about 16 kilometers per hour (or 10 miles per hour).

Very interesting list, I personally never knew this was the first car ever made. I always thought Panhard et Levassor were the ones who made the first car.

2 It would take less than 6 months to drive to the moon

Hypothetically speaking, let's say it was possible to drive straight to the moon, at about 60 miles per hour, a trip to the moon by car would take less than half a year to complete the journey. This is if you were to exclude traffic jams and other obstacles like car break downs, it would take less than half a year to get to the moon via car traveling at highway speed. That amount of time would also take place if there were little to no stops performed during the journey to the moon.

3 The American Dream is the longest car in the world

The longest car in the world is a Cadillac limousine that has a length of approximately 100 feet. The limo had unique kinds of features such as a swimming pool, a putting green, and a helipad.

4 The most popular car color is white

That's surprising, to say the least. I would have guessed black, mostly because it hides bird crap much more efficiently than white does.

About 25.8% of cars purchased come in the color white, and the grayscale color group in general is the most popular color group for cars making up about 78.5% of cars purchased. On the other hand the least popular color for a car is purple.

5 The slowest car in the world is the Peel P50

Basically the Peel P50 (which also holds the record for smallest car in the world) is a 3 wheeled micro car that can travel at a top speed of about 28 MPH, therefore being the slowest car in the world.

Apart from not going very fast I would imagine it can't go very far given that you wouldn't be allowed to drive it on the motorway.

I wonder how a car like this could perform if modified with modern equipment. Imagine a turbocharged or supercharged Peel P50.

6 The first speeding ticket was issued in 1896

The driver was traveling at a speed of approximately 8 miles per her hour and was hence issued the first ever speeding ticket.

7 Chevrolet was the first to introduce the car radio

In 1922, Chevrolet was the first car manufacturer to the introduce the car radio, which the government highly objected at first and wanted them banned as they were thought to be a source of distraction, which the ban failed to be put in place.

8 95% of a car's lifetime is spent parked

Only 5% of a car's lifetime is spent being in use or on the road, for most of the car's lifetime, the car remains parked still and not in use.

9 There is an estimate of over 1.4 billion cars on Earth

As of today in 2023, there are currently over 1.4 billion cars on Earth in use, while technically small compared to Earth's population of humans is still quite an impressive and large number for an amount of cars in our world.

I wonder how many cars were made in total over the years, it must be an insane number.

10 The word car is derived from a latin word: Carrum

The word car is short for the latin term, "carrum," which basically means a wheeled vehicle.

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