Top 10 Biggest Benefits of Getting an Electric Car

I find it very surprising that electric cars still only account for less than 1% of all vehicles. I'm not sure if it's just due to a lack of wanting to change or a lack of good advertising by electric cars, or perhaps the elevated price, but it's honestly not very smart. They outstrip cars that run on gasoline or by other means in practically every single way, and switching almost fully to electric cars is literally one of the biggest steps we can possibly take to helping save the environment and reducing climate change.

Now, of course, electric cars cost much, much more than gasoline cars, making many people reluctant to get one, but there are very many who can easily afford them but don't, and I will list the top 10 benefits of getting an electric car in an attempt to convince the people who can afford it to act as soon as they can and not only take a step to saving their environment but taking a step to improve their personal driving experience. Enjoy!

(and no, I do not work for an electric car company in any way, nor am I an environmentalist, as the impression of this list may seem)
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1 Reduced Personal Environmental Footprint

For those of you who don't know what an environmental footprint is, I'll explain. Basically, it's a measure of the impact that a person, group, or organization has on the environment, generally in terms of how much of its resources they use. The smaller your environmental footprint, the better.

In this case, switching to an electric car greatly reduces your personal environmental footprint! Instead of using emissions for fuel, it uses an electric motor and barely harms the environment at all. Your environmental footprint will decrease so much it's astonishing! If everyone got an electric car right now, there would be huge, noticeable changes in the environment for the better. It's one of the biggest steps toward slowing down climate change. These cars barely affect the environment in any way, and that obviously had to be number one on the list.

2 Reduced Fuel Cost

Even though electric cars cost over $15,000 more on average in initial price compared to cars that run on gasoline, you can slowly recoup this expense over time through reduced fuel costs. Consider the hassle of going out of your way to refuel a gas car. You have to spend money every time you fill up, and it's a time-consuming process. With an electric car, you simply plug it in. It costs virtually nothing to charge it (as if you were charging a computer) compared to spending about $3,000 a year on gas. Additionally, the time savings are significant. Reduced fuel cost is one of the most substantial benefits of getting an electric car. Keep in mind that the fuel you're using is also more efficient and much better for the environment, not to mention considerably cheaper.

3 Longer Lifespan

Another significant advantage of electric cars that makes the higher initial cost worthwhile is their longer lifespan. Many people worry that, because electric cars primarily run on a battery, they will only last around 70,000 miles before needing to be replaced. This is close to the lifespan of an average gas car. However, electric cars are likely to last much longer. An electric car's motor has far fewer moving parts than a gasoline engine, making it less likely to wear out and thus extending its lifespan. Even if the battery loses its ability to fully charge, which shouldn't happen for at least eight years or possibly more, it will still charge adequately, allowing you additional years of driving. Therefore, electric cars are likely to have a longer lifespan.

4 Safer While Driving

Yes, another huge benefit is that electric cars are much safer, not only when parked due to their excellent anti-theft features, but also while on the road. They are much less likely to be involved in a crash or to cause harm to you compared to other cars. If you get too close to an object, whether it's another car or while backing into your driveway, a loud warning sounds. This makes it much less likely that you'll accidentally collide with another car or crash into something. Studies have concluded that the likelihood of passenger injuries in car crashes involving electric cars is fairly lower than in crashes involving other cars. This means that electric cars are overall safer, not just due to their anti-collision sensors.

5 Easier to Drive

Electric cars, though many people worry about how they're going to be able to drive them, are actually much easier to drive than you might think, and generally easier to drive than gas cars. Firstly, there are no gears you have to worry about switching through. The motor is less complicated and simply turns one direction to move forwards and the other to move backwards. You simply get in, press drive, and away you go!

The cameras and sensors for close objects make it much easier to park in tight situations or switch lanes on a highway. The brakes are designed to brake much more quickly, and the car accelerates much better. Plus, all the other commands are on a touchscreen, kind of like an iPad built into the car, which makes there be fewer things to worry about. It's easy to get accustomed to.

6 Higher Speed Using Less Energy

It's simple. Electric cars are much faster than gasoline cars, and they achieve this using less energy. This is a really important part of the same benefit. Although it could almost be considered a different benefit, it's similar enough that I would group them together: electric cars have much less wind resistance. They are lower to the ground and take up less space. This is absolutely essential because it means they can move much faster with less fuel. An electric car using the same amount of fuel as a gas car could be going as much as ten miles per hour faster. Additionally, they're just built to be faster. Their motors are simpler than internal combustion engines, making them more capable and quick to work. That's what makes them much faster.

7 Reduced Routine Maintenance

Don't get me wrong. I don't mean to say that you never have to do maintenance on your electric car. However, there is a drastic improvement in terms of how much maintenance an electric car needs, and that's one of the biggest benefits. You still need to inspect some of the systems of an electric car on a fairly regular basis, but it's practically nothing compared to that of a gasoline car.

Electric cars don't require oil or coolant changes, spark plug replacements, or refilling of the gas tank, which is much more cumbersome than simply plugging it in. Another point to consider is that the routine maintenance cost for an electric vehicle is so much cheaper than that of a gasoline car that it's not even comparable.

8 Quieter While Driving

Yes, electric cars are simply much quieter and smoother than other cars. You may think that this isn't much of a benefit, aside from making your car seem much cooler, but it really is! You have no idea how much easier it is on your ears, or just how much more pleasant these cars seem to anyone inside and outside them.

Aside from providing a better personal driving experience for yourself, electric cars help reduce noise pollution, which is a bigger problem than you may realize. Noise pollution can literally damage wildlife and interfere with their breeding cycles, thus impacting the rest of the world. Anyway, this is just one of the many important benefits of getting an electric car.

9 Interesting and Useful Features

You're probably wondering, "What does he mean by interesting and useful features?" Well, some of these are amusing yet unique gimmicks just for extra fun, but some features that an electric car has are incredibly useful and cool! Some of these features you can find on other cars but are still very helpful, like cameras to help you park, tinted roofs, seat heating, and automatic wipers and lights. However, others are really special. For example, electric cars offer more advanced anti-theft protection than your average car burglar alarm.

One feature that may seem kind of silly but is actually really useful is something called a "frunk." Since the components required to power an electric car are much smaller, there's extra space in the front where the engine would normally be. This space, called a frunk, allows you to store a lot more in your car.

10 More Responsive

Your average electric car is much more responsive than your average gasoline-powered car. This is mainly due to the fact that electric motors react much more quickly than other types of motors. As a result, electric cars operate much more efficiently and can respond to sharp turns almost immediately. This contributes to making them safer and easier to drive.

Driving an electric car feels smoother as well. Believe me, I recently got an electric car, and it feels much smoother when you're inside it compared to driving a traditional gas car. It just feels better overall.

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