Top Ten Reasons Why Chromebooks are Trash

I think Chromebooks are easily one of the worst operating systems out there. Here's why. Feel free to add your own reasons.
The Top Ten
1 Weak processor

I like the pc better than a chromebook, the reason why i don't want a chromebook it's because it doesn't have good connection. I remember my dad hooking up my chromebook to a monitor when im not here, later my chrome's battery has randomly disappeared and i have to ask someone else to fix the problem.

Reasons why Gaming Computers are better than Chrome Computers.
1. they have 8GB+ of ram
2. they have some better deals at the store + some of them are cheap
3. some of them handle video games at medium/high settings
4. they can be custom built
5. enough storage to store more apps, files, software and other.
6. average graphics cards are avilable in most pcs
7. they come with backlit keyboards + mouse
8. you can install opera GX, Buff, Geforce Experience, Fps Unlocker and other to improve gameplay
9. PCs are upgradable if your's gets slower every year
10. they don't overheat much as chrome computers

2 Many Chromebooks only have 4 GB RAM

my dad hooked up my chromebook to a monitor for me, it went well and I rather play video games on a gaming chromebook instead of a regular one. reasons why gaming chromebooks are better than school laptops,
1. they have minimum of 8gb ram and 256gb storage
2. even they can get up to 120+ hertz, they run games so good that they do not overheat much as other chromebooks
3. they have enough storage to store a bunch of files and more access to buff and opera gx
4. they don't go up in flames if video game played long enough and it's so easy to game on
5. they are much better than cheaper laptops or free chromebooks + I want to use it as my gaming computer.

I thought they would be generous and give us 8 GB+ RAM. I was wrong.

3 Weak GPU
4 Lack of applications
5 Can't do much other than browse the web
6 Has no official Minecraft port

Though you can run it using by enabling Linux apps. It might not run as well though.

7 Can't do much when you don't have a good internet connection

It sucks when your school blocks the dinosaur game is blocked (like mine does).

8 The search button is where the Caps Lock should be

On a related note, I hate accidently pressing the search button when I'm trying to touch the shift key.

9 No undelete function
10 Forces you to use Chrome

I also have Chromebook 3100 in Vine Middle School, the whole school blocked appropriate/proper themes and more appropriate extensions, I can't download Microsoft edge because the Vine Middle School doesn't support It, so I have created a account on Spotify with a educational email so they won't find out that I downloaded Spotify.

The Contenders
11 The only big games it has are Stadia and GeForce Now
12 Difficult/impossible to download files to other devices

Something I've noticed is that I can't transfer already downloaded files from my chromebook to my MP3 player, unlike with my Windows 10 laptop which lets me transfer files whenever I want.

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