Top Ten Reasons Why Chromebooks are Trash

I think Chromebooks are easily one of the worst operating systems out there. Here's why. Feel free to add your own reasons.
The Top Ten
1 Weak processor

I agree but I think this was already on the list

2 Can't do much other than browse the web
3 Lack of applications
4 Many Chromebooks only have 4 GB RAM

I thought they would be generous and give us 8 GB+ RAM. I was wrong.

5 Weak GPU
6 Can't do much when you don't have a good internet connection

It sucks when your school blocks the dinosaur game is blocked (like mine does).

7 The search button is where the Caps Lock should be

On a related note, I hate accidently pressing the search button when I'm trying to touch the shift key.

8 Has no official Minecraft port

Though you can run it using by enabling Linux apps. It might not run as well though.

9 Forces you to use Chrome

I also have Chromebook 3100 in Vine Middle School, the whole school blocked appropriate/proper themes and more appropriate extensions, I can't download Microsoft edge because the Vine Middle School doesn't support It, so I have created a account on Spotify with a educational email so they won't find out that I downloaded Spotify.

10 Difficult/impossible to download files to other devices

Something I've noticed is that I can't transfer already downloaded files from my chromebook to my MP3 player, unlike with my Windows 10 laptop which lets me transfer files whenever I want.

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11 No undelete function
12 The only big games it has are Stadia and GeForce Now
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