TheTopTens Users Who Are Unfairly Attacked

In My Opinion Nobody On The TopTens Should be Unfairly Attacked I Think That Everyone should be the treated the same.

The Top Ten TheTopTens Users Who Are Unfairly Attacked

1 Puga

Agree with visitor. Never seen anyone hate me with an actual valid reason.

He gets attacked for stupid reasons. I've never seen a person who hated him for actual valid reasons.

Puga is an awesome user.

2 Dreamformusic

I don't get why she's called overrated by some users. If users can make repetitive lists on SpongeBob and still get praised, I don't know why some users say she is overrated because she sometimes makes repetitive lists.
Everybody makes repetitive lists sometimes. No one is an exception.

Its those stupid visitors with no accounts that attack her just because she like Winx Club.

I know, right? I make Total Drama lists, and she gets hate for making Winx Club lists!

3 Wolftail
4 Selfdestruct

I disagree. He started a fight with me a while back, and blew it beyond proportion. I've been able to put it behind me, but really, he brought it on himself.

Per Pos, plus, I made a huge post and remix explainng why I hate him.

5 Sevenlizards

He hates Arthur. So what? I'm not a hater of Arthur but he's my friend. Puga too.

And now he left...

No, he unfairly attacked Puga.

That's not why he was hated.

6 Turkeyasaylum

Does he get attacked?

I get unfairly attacked for no reason sometimes. By that BigBrotherYESTotalDramaNO guy.

He gets attacked by BigBrotherYESTotalDramaNO only because he loves Total Drama. I never get hate for loving Pretty Little Liars as much as he loves Total Drama. This is unfair!

7 Ihaskitty1234

Since when?!

8 Andre56

He's hated because he doesn't like Eminem. I am one of his fans, but it's his opinion in the end of the day, I know he's biased at time, but he gets attacked for not being an Eminem fan. I hope he comes across this

For being a racist, stupid, biased, hypocritical, boastful scumbag.

He's a controversial user. While he is kinda boastful (no offense), he is probably a nice user on the inside. I don't really know because I haven't really messaged him.

Since when was it unfair for someone to attack him?!

9 BoredJeff02

He was attacked by a lot of people even after he made amends to most of them one person just couldn't leave him alone.

10 Horrible_Username

The Contenders

11 Lovemusic
12 Funnyuser

She is so lovely and bubbly. Why anyone would dislike this bundle of fun and energy is beyond me.

Only jerks hate this guy

13 Mrcoolface

Yeah, but still he shouldn't make the "anime sucks" list

14 christangrant

I am unfairly attacked by StrikingStreak who hates me for no reason

15 VideoGamefan5

I get attacked for no reason!

Okay. The opinion bandwagoning was annoying. By that I mean clearly he was bandwagoning off other people's opinions. I did see a comment from him saying Zootopia was a GOOD movie. But he's changed now, and isn't that guy he was before.

16 Lucretia

Starting to think that communist-era Lucretia was actually somewhat decent. Better than a rustler, for sure

17 PhantomMilitia
18 iliekpiez
19 Britboy
20 ZootopiaFan
21 TopTenJackson

Trolls messed up the list!

22 PatrickStar
23 RalphBob
24 EpicJake
25 Metal_Treasure
26 B1ueNew
27 BigBrotherSucks
28 Coolguy10
29 ModernSpongeBobSucks

I've been attacked many times by SAO haters, both visitors and users. It's mostly due to that cringe-worthy SAO hater list I made back in my early days as user, so I'm tired of people criticizing it even though that list was made a long time ago and I hugely regret making it in the first place and learned never to make stupid lists like that ever again. Also, let's not forget the notorious StrikingStreak as well.

30 zxm
31 LarrytheFairy
32 LeotheGangstacat


33 DCfnaf
34 DatIrishman
35 Ananya

Attacked for what?

36 NuMetalManiak
37 TwilightKitsune

I usually never say the word "Idiot", but really, only idiots could hate on TK for nothing! And also, what's worse is that they can't even explain why they hate her! At least those who like TK have the decency to say why they think she's a good user, something the haters can't do even when you ask them why they hate her!

38 Camaro6
39 JaysTop10List

I get attacked by some visitor but now, I don't care anymore. My old sensitive ass would though. But that's just the past.

40 M4j0r45
41 NikBrusk
42 BobG

BobG is the worst user ever and I hate this guy.

This guy is everywhere. Disgusting guy.

Argh, this user is everywhere!

This dichead is number 1, I will kill you

43 Yellowshadow
44 AnonymousChick
45 Admin
46 Cartoonfan202
47 JPK

Anti-Bronies Ruined My Pinkie Pie And Rarity Lists

48 ToadF1
49 Userguy44
50 Squidward48
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