Top Ten TopTenners with Under 50 Followers

Because adding mainstream TopTenners is too mainstream for me *hipster scarf flip*.

The Top Ten

1 ArchAces

I would add myself, but right now I'm at 48 followers, so chances are I'll make it past 50 followers within a week.

He's smart and makes some brilliant lists. - Kiteretsunu

Lol,I just reached 50 followers - Nateawesomeness

He needs more followers. - EpicJake

2 BrandenC123

It's BradenC123 not BrandenC123. But he is a great user and already has over 70 followers now. - EpicJake

3 Kevie16

Number 3! I guess not having a lot of followers has paid off. Great list, SuperHyperdude! - Kevie16

31 followers and counting. Someday... - Kevie16

4 CityGuru

He sure needs to earn more followers. - EpicJake

He certainly needs more followers. - PositronWildhawk

Smart, intelligent, loves science and above all is well admired. A great user of TTT. - Kiteretsunu

5 Cazaam

A brilliant listmaker. Very detailed and worth your time. - Kiteretsunu

6 DamnFineCupOfCoffee
7 CoolCat999

He has 100 followers now. - EpicJake

I finally have 50 - CoolCat999

8 BlarchBlaces

Remember when I would have been qualified to be on this list? Me neither. I can hardly remember what I had for breakfast today. - BlarchBlaces

9 DubstepLover

This guy is really underrated. Dubstep fan or not, his lists are really worth it. And I like electronic music in general, so I'm always checking his stuff out. - PositronWildhawk

10 MaidenFan666

The Newcomers

? demeter

The Contenders

11 SpectralOwl
12 Nothingbutcool

You will get 50 followers one day. - Pokemonfan10

I hope I get 50 someday - nothingbutcool

13 JaysTop10List
14 TopTenJackson
15 McKing1003

One of the most underrated users on TTT - EpicJake

16 winner333
17 nintendofan126

Well, he now has over 200 followers. - EpicJake

Lol! I have over 100 now. - nintendofan126

18 MissBritain
19 RockStarr

I have 125! What am I doing here? But thanks anyway - RockStarr

I have 58 now - RockStarr

20 simpsondude

Simpsondude gets my vote. - Puga

I have more than 50 now - simpsondude

21 Pug

I may have 50 someday. - Pug

I have 50 now! - Pug

22 PatrickStar
23 CerealGuy

I have a dream where I don't suck at making list and having 69 followers - CerealGuy

24 D.K.
25 Spongebobgymnast
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