Top Ten Weirdest Times/Places to Masturbate

The Top Ten

1 In Class

I wonder how long you would get detention? - nintendofan126

I don't remember if this is true, but I think I took my penis out in class once underneath my desk in 4th grade. No one saw though. - Therandom

It's not that bad...I tried masturbating in class once but my pants ripped before I could grab my penis. - AlphaQ

Some of you guys tmi I mean come on!

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2 During A Funeral

And here lies common sense, he was a useless fudge hindering oir knowledge and anyway let us masturbate his grave to see how many Nobel Peace Prize I can get - CerealGuy

Nasty. - Powerfulgirl10

This is a sad death of *insert name*
Everyone: crying out loud*
Someone: (thinking) They can see/hear me masturbate (masturbates)
Everyone: stops and start laughing - RoseCandyMusic

3 In Front Of Your Parents

Wow, what an appropriate place... - Turkeyasylum

Hey honey. What did you do in school to- WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

They'll love it...

4 At The Park
5 In A Daycare Center

My younger brother asked a 5 year old girl for a blowjob. I was standing out in fear when he pulled down his pants and showed his tiny weenie. - AlphaQ

Don't bang the children... - Turkeyasylum

The children would be scarred for life. - Powerfulgirl10

How bout dancing naked on the tables. That's a lot worse and I haven't done yet - AlphaQ

You'll blind the poor children. - Catacorn

6 In The Car
7 During A Play

Unless if you're playing a role where the character has to masterbuate.

Actor 1:I will masturbate at front of my bang bang darling
Actor 2:Fudge I'm skrewed
Actor 1:*Masturbates and head explodes* - CerealGuy

8 On Britain's Got Talent

The scary thing is, it sounds feasible. - PositronWildhawk

WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?! Simon Cowell will NEVER let you move on to the next round. You'll be forever named: the Maniac Masturbating Magician from BGT. Sorry, but it's true. -girlsgotgame

9 In An Airplane

The only place you'll have any privacy is where you're most likely to be sucked out. - PositronWildhawk

10 During a Skype Chat

The Newcomers

? While Watching Barney the Dinosaur
? In Antarctica

The Contenders

11 On The Hockey Rink
12 While getting a haircut
13 In a Swimming Pool
14 At a Wedding
15 On a Date

I've been on a lot of dates. I tried masturbating once with someone and she dumped me. don't DO IT! - AlphaQ

16 In a Job Interview

Same thang as class. I don't know because I haven't finished school yet. I'm in 9th Grade. - AlphaQ

I think you'd get fired. Not sure. - Powerfulgirl10

17 In the Bathroom at School
18 On a Roller Coaster

Be sure to reach your orgasm right before a drop ladys you can scream from the pleasure there

19 While eating at a restaurant
20 When playing a game

When the grind starts x)

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