Top 10 Words to Describe Your Siblings

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1 Annoying

My brother says he's an introvert. He isn't. He says 'I like my personal time!', then proceeds to talk to random person he doesn't know very well at all.

I have the most annoying little brother in the world. All he ever does is constantly bother me. And my door doesn't even have a lock to keep him out!

All of my friends are either the youngest or only and they keep going on about how they want a little brother and the JUST DON'T GET IT! They are so lucky and yet they want a little sibling!

That's also so annoying.

My younger sister is so dang annoying. Sometimes she drives me crazy and makes me wanna bang my head to the wall. She's really arrogant and bossy too. My parents say that they love us equally, but that's an obvious LIE

I swear, my younger brother's annoyance kills me. LITERALLY!
He annoys me so much it gives me depression, and depression kills right?

2 Irritating

My little bro is bloody irritating and annoying!

My sister is very annoying😭😭

3 Loud

He always yells out loud as loud as he can! I mean, why?

My brother is the loudest person ever

My sister can be pretty loud!

4 Frustrating

UGH! I brought two chocolates with MY OWN money and the adult supervising me said "give one to your little brother" But luckily he didn't want one.

He wont eat what I give him!

5 Ignorant

Ignorance is something that defines my brother sometimes, all because he's so wrapped up in his own ideas.

Oh well,everyone has an ignorance side.

6 Caring

My brother is annoying.When he does something bad to me he is LIEING to our parents I did it.I take vidieos of him doing things he is not allowed to dobut my parrents don't do ANYTHING.If I had 3 brothers and 2 sisters it would be BETTER

Even though my sibling can be annoying at times she is also very kind and caring and looks out for me.

They are so annoying but they are my brothers and they are younger and funnier then me,sometimes!

My brother cares me a lot he is a nice person

7 Bumhead

Ar really descriptive word should be in the Webster's dictionary

My sister is such a bumhead but I will always love her

My sis is this

8 Childish
9 Tattletale

She tells on me, because she thinks she needs someone else to hear her opinion, so they can support her. I get mad at her for that, but I still love her so much...

My parents ALWAYS believes that everything my younger sister says is right, even if it was wrong.

I'll tell! Is what I hear all the time

Only 5 year olds say that word.

10 Amazing

As annoying as my siblings can be, they're there to look out for you and make you a better person.

No matter what happens my siblings keep getting amazingly wonderful daily

Yes, because even if they have flaws, they are awesome

I love both of my brothers and my sister.

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11 Rude

My younger sister can be so rude sometimes

Sounds about right

She is so mean to me

Never. She always encorages me

12 Bratty

That is my little sister caring for only what she wants

That's my elder sister alright.

My bros are the sassiest

That is my yougher brother

13 Mean
14 Cute

My bro is the best bro ever I love him so much

My younger brother and sister are so cute.

Cute fights, make our life cute...

15 Egotistical

This is the world's second best word to describe arrogant little sisters, after 'narcissistic'.

My sister has all of the symptoms of a true egomaniac.

In my sister's world, it's always about her.

My sister thinks that I'm her property.

16 Bossy

She decides how long 3 minutes is.

17 Stupid

Well I'm stupid but my Siblings aren't.

My brother is stupid

18 Arrogant

I can't go through a single day without hearing my sister mocking and laughing at me and thinking that she's the best (qhile she's the absolute WORST)

Arrogant oil

19 Crabby

Really tired...

20 Weird

I'm weird my Siblings aren't.

Weird is a compliment! ; P

21 Autistic

This is derogatory.

22 Evil

My sister is the definition of evil! I'm not joking! No one would be able to spend a day with her the way she treats me!

Yep! That is the BEST word to describe my youngest sister.

My brother is EVIL

23 Loving

My brother is very loving. He is really good with our 2 younger siblings. He is very good at sharing he shares all the time. I love my brother and he loves me

Annoying, Super Fun to be with, Best Friend and Worst Enemy... No one can love you like a Brother or sister does! AGREE <3 totally!

My Siblings are so loving.

24 Pesky

I have 3 brothers and they bother me all the time and the invade my privacy()

I have a younger sibiling. She comes to me when I’m doing my homework and jumps on me. I push her off the bed. Then she tattletales.

25 Funny

My sister makes me laugh when I need is the most.

Yeah they can be funny.


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