Top 10 Words to Describe Your Siblings


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1 Annoying

I have the most annoying little brother in the world. All he ever does is constantly bother me. And my door doesn't even have a lock to keep him out!

All of my friends are either the youngest or only and they keep going on about how they want a little brother and the JUST DON'T GET IT! They are so lucky and yet they want a little sibling!

That's also so annoying.

The first word to come into my head when I think of siblings, particularly my own. - PositronWildhawk

My younger sister is so dang annoying. Sometimes she drives me crazy and makes me wanna bang my head to the wall. She's really arrogant and bossy too. My parents say that they love us equally, but that's an obvious LIE - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Siblings are very annoying I have a younger brother and I always get annoyed with him!

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2 Irritating
3 Loud

Music-wise - EXTREMELY LOUD! - Britgirl

4 Rude

She is so mean to me

Never. She always encorages me

5 Bratty

That's my elder sister alright. - SamuiNeko

Yo, Me, The Ass Man has a brother who is Yo, Me, The Male Boobies Man.

That is my yougher brother

6 Frustrating

UGH! I brought two chocolates with MY OWN money and the adult supervising me said "give one to your little brother" But luckily he didn't want one. - Lunala

He wont eat what I give him!

7 Caring

My brother cares me a lot he is a nice person

They care for me and are a gentleman

They are so annoying but they are my brothers and they are younger and funnier then me,sometimes!


8 Tattletale

I am telling is all I hear

9 Egotistical

My sister has all of the symptoms of a true egomaniac. - keycha1n

My sister thinks that I'm her property. - SamuiNeko

My sister thinks she's so great. - AnonymousChick

This is the world's second best word to describe arrogant little sisters, after 'narcissistic'.

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10 Childish

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? Fun

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11 Mean

My brother is my life

12 Bossy

She decides how long 3 minutes is. - SamuiNeko

13 Amazing

As annoying as my siblings can be, they're there to look out for you and make you a better person. - Turkeyasylum

In really rare occasions, my younger sister can be awesome (but like I said last time, only in REALLY RARE occasions) - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I love both of my brothers and my sister. - Britgirl

No matter what happens my siblings keep getting amazingly wonderful daily

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14 Bumhead
15 Ignorant

Ignorance is something that defines my brother sometimes, all because he's so wrapped up in his own ideas. - PositronWildhawk

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16 Cute

My bro is the best bro ever I love him so much

17 Arrogant

I can't go through a single day without hearing my sister mocking and laughing at me and thinking that she's the best (qhile she's the absolute WORST) - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

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19 Stupid
20 Hypocritical

My older brother doesn't want me to come in his room. I'm a GIRL and he can just plop my door open and hop right in. What's up with that! Now I have to LOCK my door and it's hard because my mom doesn't like it when I lock the door.

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