Top 10 Words to Describe Your Siblings


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21 Weird
22 Funny

My sister makes me laugh when I need is the most.

23 Messy
24 Disorganized V 1 Comment
25 Pesky

I have 3 brothers and they bother me all the time and the invade my privacy()

26 Strange

My brother is so strand he loves baby dolls still and he's trying 14

27 Loving

My brother is very loving. He is really good with our 2 younger siblings. He is very good at sharing he shares all the time. I love my brother and he loves me

28 Hypercritical
29 Stubborn

Do this No these people can keep fights going for hours and have many replies

30 Favoured

My brother slit my throat with a glass ornament and my mom and dad let him get away with it. There were glass pieces in my hair, and my mom knew if she took me to hospital, I would tell everyone who did it, so she kept me at home and just washed my neck. It was bleeding for hours. This happened two years ago (when I was 12) but I can still feel the injury there. - TwilightKitsune

31 Hilarious
32 Mental V 1 Comment
33 Careful V 1 Comment
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