Worst Keys on a Keyboard


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1 Z

I'm sure when you're writing an essay about zeppelins, it's not that bad.

2 Caps Lock

Why bother using it when there's a Shift key below it that does the work a lot quicker? - supergeek149

This is the worst key ever. I hate whoever put it to the left of the "A" key. This is where the enter key should be located at. - LedZeppelinIsAwesome

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3 6 ^

Why place the 6 key there? Some people with shorter fingers have to actually work harder to reach the 6 key. It's just easier to use the number pad while typing.

4 X
5 - _

Only because underscores suck. - sketchysteve

6 Q

It's a dumb, useless letter, so it's one of the worst keys. - sketchysteve

7 J
8 |

This is the stupid and annoying key that I always hit instead of Backspace. Arrggh! - sketchysteve

9 Insert
10 Num Lock

The Contenders

11 K
12 V
13 0 )
14 F12

Every time I want to backspace and I over reach it shows me the dev console and I hit backspace after which deletes my whole page.

15 Up Arrow

While going through a large amount of text you finally finished reading ⬆is a great way to go back up... - mayaz

16 Scroll Lock
17 Pause/Break

Never ever used this one either. - sketchysteve

18 ` ~

This key is tiny, hard to reach and annoying. It sucks. - sketchysteve

19 Windows

It sucks because when you are gaming and press it... IT TAKES YOU BACK TO DESKTOP!

There is already a Windows icon on the screen, so a Windows key is just pointless. - sketchysteve

Whenever I press this by accident it gives me a heart attack. What an awful key. - sketchysteve

20 Menu

Only useful when your mouse breaks. Although most of the menu options can be done with keyboard shortcuts. - sketchysteve

21 0 (Numpad)
22 Alt
23 3 #
24 P
25 N
26 C
27 FN

I hate having to press FN to get function keys to work. It's so annoying! - sketchysteve

28 Ctrl
29 O
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