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1 No social media

OH MY GOSH. So my parents barely even let me have an instagram and they monitored my account all the time. (I stopped using instagram.) and I hate it because I have to hide all my other social medias. WHY can't THEY JUST TRUST ME

I used to have an account on each famous website...but when my parents saw what I was watching and liking (which happened to be anti-Christian stuff) they deleted them all and told me that I am now a demon from the lowest depths of hell itself.

My parent doesn't do thus, but I have a friend who's mom won't even let her face be shown! - ToptenPizza

I'm actually glad that my parents enforce me with no social media I find the dumbest forms of social media like Instagram,Facebook,and more except for this website this is the only prone one - Kevinsidis

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2 Bed time

Ugh! I hate it! My lazy, stubborn, strict father always says " if you're not in bed by 9:00, the only thing that'll be in your room is your bed" I looked at him like what, and I wanted to yell at him SOOO BADLY! Like if someone stepped on your foot purposely like 20 thousand times, THAT BADLY! I mean I wake up before them in the morning, and I'm rarely tired during the day - Movado111

My enforced bedtime used to be 8:30 when I was a kid but luckily my parents don't care anymore - Ajkloth

They just want you to get enough sleep! Scientifically proven results of getting enough sleep: Better health, better mood, lower risk of injury, better weight control, clearer thinking, and a better memory! - ReadKotLC

My bedtime was 9 PM when I was in HIGH SCHOOL

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3 Treating the younger ones better

My half brotjer gets whatever he wants even if if he throws a big fat ugly annoying stinky tantrum but me and my older sister are emotionally abused and because my parents are divorced he avoids my 2 other siblings with severe autism entirely and believes they will never do anything - Ihateschool

It just seems like they're pedophiles because they treat younger brothers or sisters like presidents, and they're forcing me to do the same thing. - WhatAreWeHaving4Lulz

My little sister and brother are always spoiled by my dad but for some reason I'm always ignored. - NeptuneWater


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4 No being in the same room with members of opposite gender

Most parents think we'll have sex we 90% of the time we won't. I I'm 15, I had a girl in my freshman class come to my house to work on a history project, she spent the night with me, my parents were out of the house for the night. NOTHING HAPPENED. WE EVEN SLEPT IN THE SAME BED, NOTHING HAPPENED. I will admit she is actually pretty hot, but I knew better - RustyNail

Yup. Once I had a birthday party, and my friend and his twin sister stayed with me. I admit, she was hot, but who cares. I knew better than to kiss her. - PizzaGuy

When I was 14, I was hanging out with this boy and he held my hand. And then mom said, "You shouldn't hold hand hands with a BOY! " Really mom? What if I fall down a cliff? You expect my friend to let my hand go?

I mean really to a certain extent this is a good rule but when I am at my friend's house, her mom doesn't let us close the door to her room with her SEVEN YEAR OLD BROTHER in there.

What the H*** are you planning to do when you get in a opposite gender's room? Do sexual stuff? Why are you planning it then? You can always see them in the living room LOL - TheGoldenRifle

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5 They take you to school even though you are sick and don't feel well

I tell my grandpa I don't feel good, that I feel like throwing up. And all he says is this... "Aw, your fine, you're going 2 school." Sometimes he lets me stay home when I feel the same. I go to school feeling like puking all just for an "education" *facepalm* - XxDJPartyGirl1034xX

Whenever I feel like I have a soar throat they will still take me

Once when I was little I said I felt sick but my parents didn't believe me. But they took me home because I was whining. Five minutes later I literally threw up all over the floor.

So yeah. - Lunala

6 Treating the older ones better

Me and my big sister Jodie both got some ice cream that dad served.I dunno why but for some reason Jodie got more ice cream.I asked why and my dad said "Because Jodie is older then you so she has a bigger stomach to fit more ice cream in,"

7 Going to church/mosque/temple/synagogue but you are atheist/humanist

I'm an atheist and my parents don't take me to church and even when I before became an atheist - Kevinsidis

Can be annoying to go to Church but is for god sake - TheTopTenVoter

Yeah, like I have absolutely hated going to church my whole life when I was 4-16 years old so I went just to please them. But ever since my mother was shunned by the now a mega church we used to go to I have never wanted to go back. Soon after I turned into a Devil worshipper. but now my dad and mom do want to be Christian again and do what we did back then. I don't want to badly since I absolutely hate anything Christian, but they kinda made a hint to me about doing exorcisms on me to convert me back into a Christian again. Yeah...-_-

My parents force me to to to a Catholic Church yet I quit Catholicism cause it's evil and God told me to (I am Seventh Day Adventist). They abused me for quitting and call me evil. They physically, mentally, and emotionally abuse me. I've prayed to God for help and I still love and obey them but I willl NOT do evil things for them.

8 No cursing

Would you tell a victim of bullying that they're "just words"? Words are powerful. don't abuse that power! - keycha1n

Curse words are just words society deems wrong - ToptenPizza

My mum has the mouth of a sailor and cusses every 5 seconds but every time I say "crap" she says "NO SWEARING! " what a hypocrite - Lunala

This should be at a bigger number, because what's the point of swearing, NO POINT, it isn't like computer (i'm currently grounded as of the post, but my dad forgot to turn off the PC) or anything else, because there is 100,000 other words out there and makes you sound like trash. - Maddox121

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9 Not allowed to date until a certain age

I actually made up my "not dating until 15" policy, not my parents. - RiverClanRocks

Dating is so overrated! Early relationships are also just based on looks, not true attitude. It is better to date when we are older, more mature and have a better understanding of love. - MChkflaguard_Yt

If you date as early as high school you will probably end up as a trash collector. This is quite important lol - MChkflaguard_Yt

So many people date arg school, its weird! I actually made the rule myself that I'm not going to date until I'm at least 14. - perkl22

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10 Getting good grades

Parents that get mad at their kid who gets a 91% on a test because they didn't get 100% need to kicked in the skull with a steel toe boot for an hour. That is just stupid - RustyNail

Especially when no one in my class has good grades. - njalabi63989

Mom: You got a B!
Me: But everyone else got a C or something worse!
(My mom literally told me something like that lol) - WhatAreWeHaving4Lulz

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? The oldest child is automatically responsible for everything

My sister does something bad, I get the blame. When my cousins whine and cry, it’s my fault for not letting them have their way. Parents argue, they say it was because of me. My relatives are mad or upset or embarrassed, it’s because I caused it.


? Telling you to do something you're uncomfortable with

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11 No video games on school days

I rarely get access to video games on school days ever since 6th Grade. If you want to play games you have to wait until Saturday and Sunday. That's stupid and the dumbest idea EVER!

This should be number 1 it happens to me every time. You have to wait for Friday, Saturday and Sunday ONLY FOR A GAME. Worst invention or rule or idea made by man. EVER. - njalabi63989

This is a a house rule in my family. At first I hated it but it's good because they want you to concentrate on your academics and not think about games all the time.

I wish we can have some on school days to relief stress. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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12 No wearing certain clothes

Well, wearing revealing clothing is an invitation for a rapist.

I wanted to wear a turquoise shirt with a red background for picture day then my mom got so MAD. She made me change my background to purple :( - Wolfpelt

Picturing that in my head right now, I can tell you that turquoise and red clash horribly, and purple is a much better fit. However, I'm 100% on your side on the yelling thing. She had no right to yell at you and should've calmly explained it to you like a normal person - BlueTopazIceVanilla

This is totally okay with me. If parents don't want you to wear something there is definitely a good reason. I agree with everything they say about this 100%. Modesty is important and why would you want to walk around looking like a walking billboard? - ReadKotLC

Here is a list of complaints my dad made to me about my clothes
1. "You don't match."
2. "Your clothes are too small."
3. "You always wear this shirt."
4. You'll be wearing this too your mom."
5. You will bee too cold in that."

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13 Not watching TV at a certain time

Good grief does it matter! - ToptenPizza

I'm not letting ANYONE confine my space and time - Ananya

I can't play Splatoon if my stepdad's watching T.V -.-

Dad never lets me watch my choice of T.V. - perkl22

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14 Getting off your electronics at a certain time

My parents don't understand that the only time I feel calm is when I'm with my phone or at school. My step-dad especially doesn't understand that the cause of all my stress (and recent anxiety attack) is because he yells at me everyday for doing nothing to deserve it. I was going to rewrite my essay and he told me I had an hour to do it. My brain kind of just stopped so I couldn't write anything down. He yelled at me, threatemed to slap me before I started crying (again, it's already been a stressful day. He doesn't need to keep adding onto it). Went to bed without dinner since I lost my appetite and I'm too uncomfortable to tell my mom my true feelingss since she's only nice to me when that demon of steo-dad is gone...

My life is constantly filled with stress, and electronics are my main distraction from all the stress of life. My parents don't get this, though. Actually, now that I think about it, no electronics is the only punishment my parents ever give me.

For a month and a half they wouldn't let me on my electronics. - njalabi63989

Even when you're doing better than the previous year academically

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15 Letting your younger sibling get the better pick
16 Have to eat all your food

My parents: your over weight we need to put you on a diet. The next day my mom would make a super greasy steak and scream at me for not wanting to eat the whole thing

Then they get on at you about being overweight.

My parents don't force me to eat my food. By the way, I eat all of my food mostly, unless it doesn't taste bad. My parents say if I don't like the food, then I don't have to eat it.

I can understand the argument. Food cost money and if you have to throw it away it's not fun. On the other hand everybody knows that when you have enough it's unhealthy to eat more. If you know that your child isn't a great eater, just make less food.
Comment from a parent.

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17 Tidying the bedroom

My parents trash my bedroom and make me clean it.

To the comment about parents trashing their bedroom: WHAT? that is so mean! How can your parents get away with that? You poor thing! I feel bad for you!

My mom doe not trash my room!
I mess my room - TopLucas

18 No eating snacks 2 hours before dinner

I sometimes eat chips or candy before dinner because my mom knows I will eat my dinner.

My parents do this and I get hungry in like an hour so I have to starve

I can eat a lot before a meal, I'll still eat the said meal. Its not going to spoil it people - RustyNail

Yep, they think if I eat 1 crisp I will not etat anything for dinner. - WhatAreWeHaving4Lulz

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19 Only texting a certain amount

So true my mum tells me off about it but then she spends half an hour on the phone herself for 1 bloody call. Then they goo on about how I'm to engrossed in electronics and how its changing my attitude it is so bloody annoying.

You think this is bad? Try not even HAVING a phone. All I'd want it for is keeping in contact with friends and family, and that's it! - Garythesnail

Come on! Don't be jealous because it didn't exist when you were a kid. - ToptenPizza

If you don’t have unlimited texting you will run the phone bill up

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20 No earrings till a certain age

My ears got pierced when I was 5 but I'm almost 12 now and they won't let me get a second lot and a girl I know who is 10 has THREE! - nope234

So...I got my earrings when I was 6. Why? Cause my parents thought I looked ugly without them.

Just let me get them I didn't get mine until I was 8 my friends had them when they were 5 - ToptenPizza

For girls, Yeah I ain't not a girl but I guess baby girls get holes inn their ears for earing - TheTopTenVoter

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