Best Android Phones

Best phones that run on Android. Feel free to add any Android phones that aren't on this list because there are plenty.

The Top Ten

1 Samsung Galaxy S III
2 Samsung Galaxy S II
3 HTC One X
4 Sony Xperia S
5 LG Optimus 4X HD
6 HTC One S

Enough big to watch hd videos, small enough to hold one hand and smartest, special features beats audio and perfect design

7 Samsung Galaxy Nexus
8 Motorola Razr Maxx
9 Samsung Galaxy Ace 2
10 Samsung Galaxy Note

The Contenders

11 Motorola Moto X

Best phone in development point of view. And best in combination of power, size, look, and best in speed...

12 Sony Xperia Z
13 Samsung Galaxy S4

I have this phone, and it works great, but...why is the s3 number one? It's more than 3 hears old?

14 Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Best performance. It is fast, powerful suitable for all kinds of games!

15 HTC One

Absouletly the best phone ever!

16 HTC One M8

This list is outdated, Galaxy s5 and this phone would be at the very top of this list

17 LG G3
18 LG G4
19 HTC One V
21 Pantech Burst
22 Motorola Droid 4
23 HTC Desire Z
24 Sony Xperia Tipo
25 HTC Sensation XL
26 Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini ST15i

I bought my Xperia Mini in March, 2012, and it still works.

27 Samsung Galaxy S Duos

It's dual sim, ICS 4.04, with front and back camera with good quality image. Try one now! Highly recommended and affordable.

28 LG G2
29 Motorola Photon

Never head a problem with it and it's fast.

30 Samsung Galaxy S5

Moment 5

The camera, Water proof and dust proof! Speechless

31 Moto G

The 2nd gen offers fine in such price

32 LG Nexus 5
33 Xiaomi Mi3
34 Alcatel One Touch Fierce
35 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
36 OnePlus 2
37 OnePlus One
38 Google Nexus 4
39 Samsung Galaxy Alpha
40 Samsung Galaxy Note 3
41 Samsung Galaxy S7
42 Nokia 6
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