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21 Quaker State

I have used Quaker State products since the early 1970 without any lubrication issues. Always, performed oil changes between 3,000 - 3,500 miles on my cars. The life blood of your engine and the cheapest maintenance you can do. I continue to use Quaker State products and would recommend the Quaker State full synthetic oil, awesome product.

I have always used Quaker state. It's dependable, my engines run strong with the same performance as when I bought them. Compression is strong and no knocks or pings. This included to be one of the most expensive oils back in the day, that says something.

Used Quaker State in my 1976 Camaro 350 (driven hard! ). Traded it in for 1984 Camaro and after the mechanic checked the engine, he came back to me with scratching his head and asked me if I had ever rebuilt the engine. I told him I didn't and asked him why. He said the compression on all cylinders of this 8 year old engine were all within spec. for a brand new engine.

Have used this basic brand since 1966 in all the cars I've owned and have never had a oil related issue. I buy a vehicle and use it till the end of it's life cycle. Changing oil every 5000 miles keeps the my cars ticking.

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22 Repsol

Very competitive rates & good quality

Best in my view

Very good premium quality..


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23 Schaeffer

Has the best friction modifiers is in the business! (Moly). Cheeper the any of the big name brands. Your not paying for the advertising gimmick's. Family owned company, oldest oil manufacture in USA 1839, Can run 10,000 miles on gas or diesel motors!

25 Fosser

Bang for the buck!

26 Kendall

Finest lubricants I ever used

Just try best performance...

Best synthetic oil getting around with titanium additive! awesome performance advantage!

I use it in my 1970 VW Wesphalia Van. I would use it in my 1984 Mercedes but it's a 33SD Turbo Diesel.

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27 Gulf Western

Seems to work fine for a lower cost synthetic

Is it a detergent oil

It is the best oil brand

28 Addinol

I would say the best oil available in the lubricants industry, it cleaned my engine for the first time and very fuel efficient and performance oil. Thanks to addinol team.

Best oil in the world

Totally agree with it's optimum power performance, smoother & efficient. Value for money.

I recently started using Addinol Gmbh superlite 5w40 for my nissan Tiida 2012. Excellent performance difference that I am feeling now. I will surely recommend Addinol for my friends.

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29 Peak

I've used Peak synthetic forever and never had any problems.

30 Amalie

Love Amalie. Best oil out there. - Rigs

High performance

Better acceleration and rpms in my engine

31 Bizol

One of the best oils I have ever used.

Better than other

Very good oil

Amazing oil with high quality

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32 Venol

Best quality

Best quality good price

Hight quality

Best oil finnest product

33 Pennasol

One of the best

34 Chevron Supreme

They use a great base oil to start with, the Chevron 5W-30 has served me well for many years.

35 Lukoil

It is a very good quality engine oil, I can only recommend it to everyone.

Upcoming brand in Europe. Very good quality with all approvals

It is number one brand in Russia covering over 30% of motor oils local market. The only Russian company selling oils to German car manufacturers outside Russia. Lukoil Genesis is my chice.

Very high quality.

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36 Behrman V 1 Comment
37 Petro Canada

It have a wide specialized range of oil grades of all types, for all needs.

So far simply the best engine oil I have used. Superb in the Winter, perfect for my Subaru Turbo.

The best-ever motor oil I have used.

Perfect.. you will love it

38 Servo IndianOil

The best in lubricant class and value for money now recommended by all major car companies in India.

39 Enoc

ENOC is the future of oil industry in many parts of the world

I use Enoc 5w 40 in my Honda 2001 it is best oil

40 G-energy oil V 2 Comments
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