Top 10 Funniest Things to Do In a Store


The Top Ten

1 Go to the electronics section with a banana in your hand and say "I wanna upgrade to an apple!"

I would.. if only I was not a shy potato.. - xNicIsTiredx

I've done this before, the worker said I was in the wrong isle. - Unicorn

Haha oh dear oh dear oh dear...! - Britgirl

LOL, best worst joke ever - Martinglez

2 Pose next to a bunch of mannequins and see if anyone notices

I've done this. - RiverClanRocks

3 Get a friend and put him/her in the cart and yell "THE BRITISH ARE COMING!!!"

I've done this before, my friend and I were deported to the UK cause we spoke in a British accent the whole time - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Runs over 100+ people. - SamuiNeko

4 Dress up as a stuffed animal and hide inside the toy section and when somebody passes by you say "OOOH! PICK ME!"

Haha now I'm gonna do this - BananaBrain

I laughed so hard

5 Pick up a bag of birdseed and ask someone "How long does it take for the birds to grow?"
6 Go to the produce section and stand next to the pineapples and yell "I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE SPONGEBOB!"

Lol, that would be so funny - FlareLightX

I dared my cousin to do this before. People just stared at her for a bit, then resumed what they were doing. - Pegasister12

I would die laughing if someone did that! - Garythesnail

O yesh this is boss... imma do this - gase456

7 Find someone give them a random item and walk away

If only I had the nerve... - Britgirl

I gave 2 people mints once. - RiverClanRocks

8 Jump up and down and yell "I WANNA BE A TOMATO!"
9 Ask someone if they have seen your lost pet potato
10 Ask cashier "does cash come out of your ear?"

May not be funny but try and get banned from Walmart!

The Contenders

11 Start dancing
12 Play "The Fragrance of Dark Coffee"

I'm drinking coffee right now! Of course I had to put it down to make this comment.

13 Put birth control in random people's trolleys when they aren't looking

HAHAAHA! Kids are idiots! Let’s stop them being made! - Muffet13

You know what I'm saying when I say protection. - RollerCoaster

14 Yell "I wanna have sex!"
15 Put random stuff in someone else's trolley
16 Get tissues and lotion. Then put the lotion on the tissues and put them in a random aisle
17 Play Baby Got Back On the P.A.
18 Hide in a clothes rack and say "Pick me! Pick me!"
19 Challenge a random customer to a rap battle
20 Play dead at the alcohol aisle

People Would Take This Very Seriously.

21 Pour milk all over the bakery
22 Play Splatoon in real life in the store
23 Smash milk cartons
24 Streak
25 Sing "I'm singing and I'm in a store. Umm I'm singing."

I always sing in stores. I sang Eyes Closed Stripped in Walmart until someone asked me what song it was so I ran away.

I'm disappointed in you that you didn't add this. Otherwise great list! - PianoQueen

26 Hand a random person a suitcase and say, "You know what to do."
27 Wander around semi-naked.
28 Put makeup in the get-ugly aisle
29 Stand in front of the part of the store that sells bras and panties and yell "I feel horny!"
30 Go dressed in Comu-chan’s costume
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