Top Ten Funniest Things That Never Happened

The Top Ten

1 Stormtroopers beat up Darth Vader for no reason

Vader will beat their butts. - Merilille

What? Really? He was "The Chosen One". He could take 'em down.


2 Mario befriends Sonic (fast food restaurant)
3 Somewhere in Ohio, a man marries a TV

A Korean man married a pillow.

I've seen people marrying cars

That sounds weird but if it did happen I would laugh. Why would someone marry a T.V. ? - cosmo

That sounds like Starwars, but with TVs and Ohio

4 Team Fortress 2 characters come to life
5 Justin Bieber becomes more mature and makes rock music

It won't be funny. It would be a disaster - Animefan12

Truly a lie, he will always be a baby. - CompleteRandom

If only his voice would change...

6 Pugs become legal, but marijuana doesn't

Marijuana should only be legal for medical use. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Let's keep it that way. Pugs rock! - RiverClanRocks

Marijuana is legal in New York. - Merilille

7 Bob the Tomato becomes real and he is giant

So the veggie tales characters are bigger than us? So instead of veggies, they eat PEOPLE! - Pieclone

Larry would fall down like a tree or a water tower.

Well what about larry?

8 Fictional characters start to become insane

Not my baby, Austin from the Backyardigans. - Ilovestephanie

With Rocko, I wouldn't be surprised. - xandermartin98

Jinx oh my god what the hell is wrong with you.

Cilan! What has happened to you?

9 Geddy Lee starts a never ending conga line
10 The Bananas Decide They’ve Been Tormented for Enough Time and Begin a War

The Contenders

11 Everybody grows a Squidward nose

You got the nose wrong.

SAY IT AIN'T SO! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

12 Squirrels start swearing in Chinese

TA MA DE - computerfan0

13 Every word people says becomes a super bad swear

6ix9ine has joined the chat

The N Word everywhere. " N***** N***** What The N***** are you n***** n***** doing? " Terrible

14 My Little Pony becomes nonexistent

You mean gross bronies that make my little pony porn. - Ilovestephanie

You Anti-Bronies NEED TO STOP - JPK

15 Koopa Troopa dates Rouge the bat
16 Putin swallows his opponents
17 Bob the Builder becomes an adult show
18 Everything we imagined becomes real

A million dollars, a werewolf boyfriend, and friends; all things I have never had! - 0w0uwu

We'd be in so much trouble! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

Every time you have a nightmare it'd really happen... oh goodness...

19 Michael Bay makes transformers in real life

Let's think here, MB is more in his comfort zone running a demolition derby than he is directing movies. - PositronWildhawk

20 SpongeBob characters come to life
21 All ducks end up being aliens

And whales end up being house plants! - Emberflight_of_StormClan


22 Teen Titans Go! characters come to life

This one would be awful. If the Toddler Titans come to life, the world would be over.

I would get shotgun and shoot them in the face

23 Caillou becomes a big fat hairball.

One second: Bald kid, Next second: a hairball.

24 Spongebob Squarepants Adults Party Beach

Adults "Nice beer we're having! "

25 A butterfly farts tomatoes
26 Lincoln Loud kicks SpongeBob in the balls for stealing his Nickelodeon Blimp

Lincoln loud sucks and so does the loud house. I hope that show gets cancelled.

27 Darth Vader Leads an Imperial Army on a Campaign to Destroy Nick Jr.

die dora die!

Why? I love The Backyardigans! D: - Ilovestephanie

28 Justin Bieber dies

I know I don't like Justin Bieber but that would not be funny. It would be sad. Never wish death on someone. - Ilovestephanie

That's not funny. - Jasmine21064

His funeral would be a PARTY

29 A cat comes to your school and sings

Cool cat: I'm cool cat and I like help everybody (accoustic nightcore acappella emo trance italian version) - 0w0uwu

That be cool

30 Lord of the Rings becomes nonexistent

Just when I wanted to read the series... - RiverClanRocks

31 Marilyn Manson doing the Cucaracha

An emo at a fiesta. - 0w0uwu

32 Firestar from Warriors and Justin Bieber switch places

The clans will be forced to listen to two leg music, Beliebers would not understand Firestar's mews, and I will laugh.

33 All metal musicians dance Gangnam Style
34 People will have penises for heads.

*flop* *flop* *flop* "oh HEEEY*Pissing from mouth*YYY

35 Bronies take over

>1700s: Reign if empires
1700s-1900s: More modernized ward
2000-: The rise of Bronies - 0w0uwu

Sorry I can't spell for some reason - 0w0uwu

36 Gravity Falls becomes bad
37 Edward isn't bullied
38 The Sin Squad becomes mature
39 Conker's fur breaks
40 Voldemort becomes nice
41 Mutant bananas who live in a toilet get sucked into the quasars made of potatoes
42 Goombas start jumping on Mario
43 Bullies hug you and apologize

The heck! - Userguy44

44 Someone in Antarctica marries a lion
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