Funniest Things to Say to Someone Who Is About to Punch You

The Top Ten

You want a taco

When it goes good:
Yeah sure I don't wanna punch you anymore!
When it goes bad...

Ya I want a taco - Love2storm

Because tacos are awesome! - Minecraftcrazy530

Yo mama so fat that she made your fist big

I'd do this from now on - Animefan12

It looks like I don't have to take that test

That would be fun - Love2storm

Oh my gosh I'm not dead

You did a very good job

I am a pretty dolphin
Hey you have large fists
It looks like I have to run away
Before you punch me may I go to the bathroom
You can't punch me you meanie
Shut up

The Contenders

I’ve never harmed a fly, but I’m afraid I’ll have to harm one now in order to protect myself!

I love how when saying this you pretty much call the person who is about to punch you a fly😂

Chuck Norris is my uncle
Wait! Can I arrange something for you?
Wanna play fortnite?
My face is bony and might bruise your knuckle...just warning!
Tell my friends and family that I love them!
I’ve never heard silence quite this loud.
Hey itsuka kendo, where's monoma?
Uno Reverse Card!
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