Top 10 Funniest Ways to Break a Bone

The Top Ten Funniest Ways to Break a Bone

1 Cracking your skull after slipping on an ice cube

A la SpongeBob. - KalloFox34

2 Breaking your foot when kicking the wall repeatedly because you threw a temper tantrum after you lost on Call of Duty
3 Breaking both your legs because you climbed up a tree and couldn't get down
4 Breaking your back because you did too much yoga

That will hurt! �" - Userguy44

5 Breaking your hand after your legs fell asleep on the toilet, you tried to get up and you fell, unsuccessfully using your hands to break your fall
6 Breaking your jaw after trying to eat a quadruple cheeseburger

I've gotten this uncomfortable after a very long time. - Ananya

7 Breaking your arm while getting beaten up by Eric Cartman
8 Breaking your toe after one of your couch's leg fall onto it and scrape your toenail off
9 Breaking your ribs after your tsundere girlfriend punches you
10 Breaking your finger while trying to get out of a Chinese finger trap

The Contenders

11 Breaking your leg playing chess ("Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise")

It was a very tricky move... - truckturner

12 Having Sex
13 Breaking both arms climbing a rocky ravine without any form of equipment

I have a friend to whom this actually happened. He obviously learned nothing from the incident as we once walked past another ravine and he tried to climb it. I really wish I could have been there the first time around. - PositronWildhawk

14 Breaking an arm after rolling out of bed
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