Top Ten Hilarious Acronyms

For those who don't know, an acronym is something like yolo, bae or lol. (god I feel stupid for saying those)

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1 Seven Crappy Hours of Our Lives (School)

For some it's the seven crappy hours, for some it's the seven celebrated hours, but I guess only a rare few belong to the celebrated category. - Kiteretsunu

The best one in the whole list. - Zab

Don't get me wrong, I love learning, and school most of the time, but this could not be more accurate. - keycha1n

My school is 8 hours :( - Solacress

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2 People Owning Rocky Nuts (Porn)
3 Frankly, a Really Annoying, Ginormous Embarrassment (Farage)

This is the most accurate acronym in history. - PositronWildhawk

LOVE IT! :D - AutoUnder

4 Fans Really Obsessed, Zany, Excessively Nasty (Frozen)
5 Personal Excruciation (P.E.)

To me PE stands For Pointless Exercise

6 Mental Abuse To Humans (Math)

Mental abuse to every species if they did it - Solacress

That really is! - Neonco31

Or for the Europeans, it could be Mental Abuse To Human Sanity. (As they say "maths") - Luxam


7 Massively Irritating, Nonsensical, Awful Joke (Minaj)

This may be a better way of describing her than the "Stupid Hoe" song! - Turkeyasylum

8 Seriously Evil Love For Images Excessively (Selfie)

Why are people so obsessed with themselves? - RockFashionista

9 i Payed Hundreds Over Nothing Extraordinary (iPhone)

Crap, meant to vote on this one. - Puga

10 Boy's Annoying Low-Life Stick (Balls)

The Newcomers

? League Of Villainous Evildoers Maniacally United For Frightening Investments in Naughtiness (LOVEMUFFIN)
? Half Of My Energy Wasted On Random Knowledge (Homework)

The Contenders

11 A Mighty, Entertaining, Rattling, Inscrutable Country. Awesome! (America)

Apologies to any American users, but this made me laugh. - PetSounds

Those are all just adjectives. - MaxAurelius

No thanks.

12 Ultimate Kick In Pants (UKIP)
13 Why Are Stingy People Subsisting? (Wasps)
14 Hearing It Pointless, Hate Obstreperous Prats (Hip Hop)
15 Junior Educated Rich Kid (Jerk)

This reminds me of one one I know. They call themselves both of the above. And he's one of the nicest people Inknow, even if he doesn't love me. :( - Wolftail

16 Potentially Using Great Acronyms (Puga)

Hey, this one is awesome!
It's so accurate - Animefan12

17 Always Unique, Totally Interesting, Sometimes Mysterious (Autism)

I am autistic, and I really like this acronym. - RockFashionista

I prefer "Always Using Their Illness so Maliciously" - Puga

Amazing! - AutoUnder


18 Bitchy Idiotic Evil Bloody Extra Retard (Bieber)
19 People Order Our Patties (Poop)

If you don't remember this you had no childhood.

Whoever added this took that from a SpongeBob episode

20 Every Villain Is Lemons (Evil)
21 Rarely Original Mirth, Cheesy Old Misery (Rom-Com)
22 The Racist Unfortunately Made President (Trump)

Writing this in late 2015, hoping it becomes invalid by next year. - PositronWildhawk


23 Boring, Really Overrated Nuisance Yappers (Brony)

Lol I admit that was a funny one.. - MusicalPony

24 Crappy, Horrible, Racist, Idiotic, Stupid, Cancerous, Hateful, Awful Nuisance (Chris Chan)
25 Crappy, Horrible, Racist, Idiotic, Stupid, Cancerous, Hateful, Annoying Nuisance (Chris Chan)
26 Poop Out Our Pants (Poop)
27 Idiot Soldiers In Syria (ISIS)

This needs to be higher on the list. ISIS is like a huge cancer.

28 Constipated Overweight Outrageous Loser (Cool)
29 Stupid Overrated Pointless Arrogance (SOPA)
30 Freaking Non Awesome Fart (FNAF)
31 Might Invoke Liberal Impudence, Bloody Awkward National Dork (Miliband)
32 The Horrible Evil Menace (THEM)
33 Diabolical Order Of Mayhem (DOOM)
34 Downloading Often Is Terrible (Do It)
35 Lame Overrated Idiotic Skank (Lois)
36 Moronic Evil Girl (Meg)
37 Squat Pray Leap Aaaahh Touchdown (Splat)
38 What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG)
39 Rough Anger Going Extreme (Rage)
40 Soulless Antagonizer That Assaults Niceness (Satan)
41 How Outrageous! More Exhausting Work Of Redundant Knowledge! (Homework)
42 F***! I Never Actually Learned S***! (Finals)
43 Crappy, Homophobic, Racist, Idiotic, Stupid, Cancerous, Horrible, Annoying Nuisance (Chris Chan)
44 Drama Queen (DQ)
45 Evil Villains Iggle Lemons (Evil)
46 Tiny Hot Epic Backyard Animals Cool Krazy Yard Awesome Radical Dogwood Igloo Geyser Awesome Nice Show (The Backyardigans)
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1. Frankly, a Really Annoying, Ginormous Embarrassment (Farage)
2. Personal Excruciation (P.E.)
3. People Owning Rocky Nuts (Porn)
1. Frankly, a Really Annoying, Ginormous Embarrassment (Farage)
2. People Owning Rocky Nuts (Porn)
3. Boy's Annoying Low-Life Stick (Balls)
1. Seven Crappy Hours of Our Lives (School)
2. Seriously Evil Love For Images Excessively (Selfie)
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