Top Ten Most Hilarious Pranks

The Top Ten

1 Freeze someone's cereal overnight and in the morning apologize to them for putting the milk in first
2 Give a random person free tickets and tell them it is for a movie when it's actually for seeing Tyga live
3 Put plastic insects into someone's cereal
4 Put shaving cream in your hand and when someone walks down the hall put it in their face. Then afterward, tell them you were trying to shave your legs and that they interrupted you
5 Put shaving cream on a mat
6 When someone is sleeping put shaving cream on their face
7 Give someone a rugby ball and tell them to run while your friend chases them in a football outfit
8 Tell a stranger a kid needs help and when they run to the kid your friend dresses up as Eric Cartman
9 Dress up as the Wicked Witch and go around asking random guys if they would kiss you
10 Cling film all over someone's toilet and sinks
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