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1 iPhone 5s

Nice and fancy-looking, but isn't all flat and huge like a Samsung. It's like an elegant mix of the iPhone 6 and 5.

I have one of these - it works beautifully and it's a decent size for a mobile phone. - Entranced98

I have this one works great everyday!

This is the true iphone,we can easily recognise and identifiy that the iphone 5s is the true iphone,6 and 7 don't have the signature character taste of design of the apple,they are like an android phones,like oppo etc,released of SE is good decision,when iphone for me now is lack of design

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2 iPhone 4s

Ah, mister jobs. We meet again. Yeah, I love this phone. Although it's pretty much outdated and doesn't really fit with new iOs softwares but... The design choice was brilliant. - Koro

It's slightly better than an iPhone 4 but with a worse battery. Don't upgrade to iOS 9.

The very device I typed this comment with is a 4s.

Good iPhone had mine since I was 10 I might upgrade to the iPhone 7 soon

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3 iPhone 6

Slim, WAY easier to hold than it looks, looks great with or without a case. All of my friends hate that I have one, because they don't. Lol.

Best phone EVER definitely deserves to be at the too

It's a good phone but it's new so he is just 7 in the list

Why isn't this #1 lol it has the most features

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4 iPhone 5

Still is working well even with iOS 9

Looks unique can't be easily destroyed - itilyou

The Iphone 5 is probally the only phone that is not too expensive and actually has reasonable quality and performance.

Looks unique compared to the other iPhones, and its bigger, has Siri and I would have recommended it when it first came out. - RickyReeves

5 iPhone 4

Everything about the look changed, looks really nice and unique. - RickyReeves

I have an iPhone 4 - Lovaticforever

Nice phone

Pathetic that the iPhone 4s is on top. In fact the iPhone 4s was indeed the worst upgrade ever. The iPhone 4 was indeed the biggest upgrade in history if the iPhone

6 iPhone 6s

It's a good size (4s and 4 are to small for me and the plus phones are to big) also it works very good.

like it

7 iPhone SE

Much better when it comes to size

Smaller like the iPhone 5 works like the iPhone 6s without 3D touch.

8 iPhone 5c

I don't like the iPhone 5C it's plastic, it's looks like a Samsung and even is expensive.

Plastic and works like the iPhone 5 with just a better battery.

Colourful and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an iPhone. - RickyReeves

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9 iPhone 3GS

First cell phone I ever owned.

Very durable

Everything about this iPhone changed the course of the iPhones. - RickyReeves

A.K.a Nokia 3310-Protected iPhone

10 iPhone 6S Plus

Works great, great size for my big hands. Comes in nice colors much like the other 6 models, a cheaper and headphone-jacked alternative for the iPhone 7!

I have this phone and it's my favorite phone I have ever had!

It's the best

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11 iPhone
12 iPhone 7

I'd go with the iPhone 7, although all Apple phones are stinking piles of trash and I'd rather use a flip phone I could find in the bottom drawer. Anyone who can honestly believe Apple is "quality" or "secure" or God forbid "better than Samsung (or Google. Or HTC. Or LG)" deserve the lies your company gives you.


Seriously guys,the iPhone 4s is first.The iPhone 7 is the best than the Samsung Galaxy s7 edge.

13 iPhone 7 Plus
14 iPhone 2G

This phone started the iPhones, was great when it first came out. - RickyReeves

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15 iPhone 3G
16 iPhone 6 Plus

No, it's one small step for Apple, and one giant leap for the display.

That's one small step for the display, one giant leap for apple.

Its large, it's better


17 iPhone X

Best ever

18 iPhone 8

Come on man

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