Top 10 Most Random Things to Shout When Taking a Test

When taking a test these are some random things to shout. This list is of course subjective and is mostly a humor based list.

The Top Ten

1 Where's my cocaine?! I need my cocaine right now!
2 I eat small infants for breakfast!
3 I've got a confession to make I'm a lizard!
4 I need to go home to take care of my pet rock!
5 Fus Ro Dah!
6 I'm a potato!
7 Does staring at a wall count as showing my work?!

Good Spongebob reference. - Userguy44

9 Dinkleberg!
10 Everybody do the flop!

The Contenders

11 Where is my monkey?
12 Who farted?
13 Chocolate, chocolate!
14 Allons-y
15 You can take away my time, but you can't take away my freedom!

That's insulting to teachers, but random.

16 This is a stick up - give me the answers or I'll have to call for back up.
17 Ian!
18 Ssssssmokin!
19 In case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight.

Isn't that from The Truman Show?

20 Does anyone know what 2+2 is??? I forgot
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