Top Ten Signs with Spelling and Grammatical Errors

And I fought I was bad at speling and fings...just shows I don't know nothing.
If you know of any more, please feel three to add..

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1 Enlarge your prince here

This was in a photo shop window in my hometown. Wonder if the Duchess of Cambridge has spotted it... - Britgirl

This is hilarious, Beege! Was there a disclaimer, like: "Warning...If you make him king-size, he just might go queen and start flipping pages? "

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2 Executive bored room

Haha - actually don't think this is an error... - Britgirl

3 Chickens keep dogs on leads

I'm glad there wasn't a full stop after "chickens" I wouldn't have laughed nearly as much - Britgirl

4 It isn't fare that people judge others by there grammar

To write. It's so totally rong! - Britgirl

5 We are one of the best pubic schools in the country

Sure. Back in the day, we had to figger it out on our own.

6 Sorry where closed
7 Quite please. Exams in progress
8 Education is important but big biceps is importanter
9 We except outside prescriptions
10 Please bare with us while we have our refurbishments. We are open

Nuthin' quite like a naked meet-and-greet down at Ye Olde Wool Stapler. Bring your own ointment.

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1. Enlarge your prince here
2. Executive bored room
3. Chickens keep dogs on leads



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