Top 10 Things You Shouldn't Do While Driving

You better start 2018 of with some drive lessons tips

The Top Ten Things You Shouldn't Do While Driving

1 Stop for green light, drive for red

That would be bad to do you probably get honked at sitting at a green light, and be dangerous if you ran a red light - trains45

This would be bad, if someone did that, you would for sure get honked at if you were stopped at a green light, and you get a ticket probably, and could cause a bad crash, if someone came up to a green light fast if you were stopped at a green if they didn't see you or if you ran a red light and didn't have time to stop

2 If stopped by the police, ask them to hold your beer
3 Play the radio news really loud with windows down, and start to headbang

I sing really loud and bad to the radio on the bus...but so does everyone else.

This list is amazing. - wrests

4 Have a race with emergency vehicles, gladly the police
5 Honk regularly without any reason
6 Play video games in the car

That would be bad to play video games while driving - trains45

This is just going to end up bad

That sounds like something I would do, and that’s why I’ll never drive! - sadical

7 Write ''Help'' with red paint on the backseats window
8 Drink alcohol

This is not a good idea to drive while drunk I heard of bad things happening - trains45

Well, that’s illegal, so yeah. - sadical

9 Texting while driving

This is really bad idea to text and drive, I wouldn't text while driving when I drive in the future - trains45

10 Wave to people. If they wave back, look mad at them and intimidate them

LOL, this one cracked me up - Metal_Treasure

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11 Run the flashing red lights or gates at railroad crossing to beat the train

I see so many people do this when the train is coming, once someone ran it when they would of waited for about 30 seconds to a minute - trains45

I seem people do this a lot, when some people don't want to wait for a train, the train could hit them if it was closer, and I remember seeing someone beating a train thar was not even a min long

12 Leave the car when in a queue
13 Drive the wrong way on the one way, or divided highway

That would be really bad that would probably cause a bad crash - trains45

14 Drive with headphones in the ear

This is not good you probably not hear anything, I remember when a school bus driver that did this in grade 8 everyday - trains45

This could be dangerous, since you couldn't hear some stuff, like sirens, and stuff or the train horn, if your music was too loud, one school bus driver, that took kids to Kung Fu lessons used headphones while driving the bus every day

15 Drive too slowly
16 Drive with no lights at night

That would be dangerous you probably could get hit by another car - trains45

17 Have at least 5 cats in the car
18 Eat food where you need a knife and fork
19 Moving to passenger seats while autopilot in a Tesla
20 Playing loud rap music on radio
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