10 Best VW Beetle Legacy Carriers

As we know, the VW Beetle never got an official replacement. But there are cars that carried at least a bit of its legacy. Here are ones that managed it the best, ranked:

The Top Ten

1 Dacia/Renault Logan

That is a car that is very similar to the Beetle in many regards. Both cars were created as affordable, yet big enough for a family, both are sold all around the world, both are bought by people searching for a cheap, dependable car and both have many variants. - MrVixen

2 VW Golf

A more sophisticated car for a more sophisticated age, aimed at the same people who were meant to buy the Beetle originally. Like with the Beetle, its chassis ended up in many other cars. - MrVixen

3 VW Gol

An inexpensive family car for South American markets. Created as a more modern, yet still cheap alternative for the Beetle. - MrVixen

4 VW Type 3

Uses the Beetle's chassis, but with a more modern bodyshell. For people who think that the original was too old-fashioned. - MrVixen

5 VW Polo

Took the same place in the VW lineup as the Beetle had - cheapest model, one of the cheapest cars on the market. - MrVixen

6 Chevrolet Corsa

The car that took the Beetle's place on the Mexican and Brasilian roads and sales statistics. - MrVixen

7 Nissan Sunny/Tsuru.

In the 90s and 2000s, it replaced the Beetle in the burgeoning populace and taxi fleets of many developing nations. - MrVixen

8 Citroen 2CV

After the Beetle left, this jeopardized the market of cars for people who want a family car, but do not care about them and buy the cheapest family-sized one possible. - MrVixen

9 VW New Beetle

A car for the people who liked the Beetle's shape. They got a similar thing, but with modern tech. - MrVixen

10 VW Type 2

Essentially an evolution of the Beetle - an usage of the same chassis, but with a much larger space effectiveness. - MrVixen

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