Top Ten Ways to Declare Superiority Over Your Younger Sibling

As an older sibling, I have to compete for things a lot. But as the older one is often the wiser, and the one to use his/her analytical and astute minds to say, "the game is up! " Hence the existence of this list.

If you are the youngest of your siblings, don't take this personally. Be glad of who you are and tackle life as you see fit.
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1 Graduate and know how to do it before they do

I might be able to get an Associate's before my OLDER brother. That is actually possible, but that would be more of a way to declare superiority over your older sibling.

The knowledge in this is what you can use to great advantage. But I guess the age gap must be big enough.

2 Be able to cook your own food and wash your own clothes before they can

Only one problem: my mom is so overprotective of me that she allows my 19 year old sister to cook on the stove UNSUPERVISED but DOES NOT allow me to do it, and I'm 26 YEARS OLD! :(

Maybe even do it for them.

PositronWildhawk, that is a very good idea that you got. Great list! 👍👍

3 Do something useful with your time while they waste it

I'm a younger sibling, and I'm writing a book. I hate how older siblings think they're superior to their younger siblings. You're both humans.

This is the story of my life, as an older sibling with much better things to do than watch T.V..

My brother: "I have so many sports day prizes! And you..."
Me: "I have credit for true achievement."

My sister sleeps nearly the whole day away and I don't.

4 Do better to please your parents

At some point in your lives, if you carry this one out now, you may get a sports car from your parents come Christmas, and s/he'll get a suspicious sealed packet.

According to my parents I am the perfect daughter, an angel, a lady... And how they wish that my brother will follow in his big sister's footsteps... Haha.

This one is the best method, man! And hey, taping your sibs to bed isn't so kind!

This can be tough...

5 Tape them to the bed while they sleep

The age gap between me and my younger brother is 7 years. And I agree with all other items here (I really did some of these things to declare my superiority). But I guess, I won't try this taping thing or I will get kicked by my parents for such.

Be it on your head, bud. It's one way to do it, but if you wake them, you're in a pickle.

6 Play tricks that you know they'll fall for

You always learn from experience. And fourteen years ago, I had an experience that fired a bullet through my soul... I had to adapt dramatically to fight this...

7 Establish your greater range of knowledge

It's comforting to know that my brother has no idea what a Bose-Einstein Condensate is. And when he asks me if I know the difference between rugby union and rugby league, I simply say that I don't really have to.

8 Use your more useful knowledge to beneficial effect

See, bro, use your time more productively.

9 Give them sarcastic advice

"It's OK to talk to kids. About anything."
Did I use the word "your" in there? Hmm...

I am so gonna do that

10 Let them fend for themselves in times of need

Sounds cruel. But it may benefit them.

Sounds alright.

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11 Be an actual role model

I think no getting revenge no being mean instead I think being nice and still enjoying what you like to do while being nicr

12 Do what you enjoy in the hope that they'll be forced into doing it

Bit late for this one. My brother's in too deep and arguing with his ludicrous ways is now meaningless. Still, I did try.

My older brother tried to force me into wrestling. If I had a younger brother, I'd force him into doing band.

13 Become better at everything possible

My younger brother always wants me to play videogames with him. When I do, I am instantly better at it than he is. Suddenly, he doesn't want to play that game anymore.

14 Be a role model for them and show them how to become more crazy and insane
15 Beat them at every competition you can both be in
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