Top Ten Ways Only Blonds Would Be Able to Die

Basically incredibly stupid ironic ways to die that you must be blond to do

The Top Ten

1 Burn to Death Next to the Ocean

Girl: an ocean! Jump in!
Blonde: ew no I will NOT get my hair wet just to save my life! - ToptenPizza

2 Get Electrocuted In Medieval Times

*blonde is texting then finds a time machine, with time machine written on it*
Blonde: it's an outfit generator!
*walks in*
Blonde: it says what year... Hm I wanna be vintage, so 1492
Blonde:now it says where, I'm looking for a new bathing suit, so... Ocean!
*time machine lands in a medieval times ocean*
Blonde: oh cool a shock I'm going to be so techno! - ToptenPizza

3 Getting a Heat Stroke Naked In Alaska

Blonde: so... Cold
*sees jacket*
Blonde:ooh! I'll put that on!
*sees another jacket*
Blonde: so cute, I'll put that on!
*sees abandoned jacket store*
Blonde: look how hot they all look on me, I'll put them all on and walk out!
*walks out and passes out* - ToptenPizza

4 Getting Frostbite In Summer

Ha ha! I'm not blonde, but my friend is! - Deathstrokeisaboss

Blonde: so hot!
*sees refrigerator*
Blonde:yay I'll hide out in there!
*enters refrigerator*
Blonde: sooo cool *falls asleep*
*wakes up with all limbs falling off* - ToptenPizza

5 Burying Yourself Trying to Plant a Blonde Flower

Blonde: I have an idea! I will plant myself and be the prettiest flower of all!
*goes in ground and falls under* - ToptenPizza

6 Drowning In the Desert
7 Getting Eaten by Lions In the Jungle
8 Posing On the Moon With Your Helmet Off for a Selfie
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