Top Ten Weirdest and Funniest Things to Imagine While Drawing


The Top Ten

1 Luan Loud dressed as Britney Spears twerking to the song "Sometimes" by Britney Spears

This list is perverted and crazy.

I'd rather watch School Days than read this list. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This list is disgusting and unfunny. I am shocked that admin approved it.

This list looks like Devientart except the picture completely melt your mind away.

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2 Dipper cross dressing as Ariana Grande

I think my brain died inside from reading this...

Thanks for burning off my sanity - TwilightKitsune

Dipper Pines > Ariana Grande (come at me, Beliebers! )


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3 Luan Loud dressed as the Pink Guy

Thanks for ruining Filthy Frank and The Loud House. (Sarcasm.)

Thanks for ruining some of the best cartoon characters. - Powerfulgirl10

So cool.

4 Lana Loud dressed as a chicken
5 Steven Universe dressed like The Pink Guy carrying a poison bottle and some bleach
6 The ghost of Mary Kay Bergman and Christine Cavanaugh haunting Candi Milo, Nancy Cartwright, Grey DeLisle, and Tara Strong
7 Blossom and Dexter carrying flowers in a bathtub with lavender scented candles

You just ruined my favorite show, Blossom would never do that.

It's gonna be cool if I ship them.

This isn't funny either just really f-ing disturbing.

8 Billy and Mandy dressed like The Pink Guy and Filthy Frank

You gotta stop shoving Filthy Frank down in people's throats.

9 Gaz Membrane with a knife on her throat with the words "I'm okay..."

Suicide isn't funny..

10 Corey Taylor slitting throats

Oh I get it!

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11 Steven Universe dressed like Britney Spears

When cancer meets cancer it creates even worse cancer.

This is the weirdest item on the list. How can a fat, brunette boy be a skinny blonde popstar?

Cross dressing is funny and cool.


12 The members of Mayhem killing pop fans
13 Asriel shrinking himself and having sexual intercourse with Toriel's brain

Yes, this actually happened in fanfiction one time (gags) - xandermartin98

14 People you hate being completely drunk

It's better to actually be drunk. If people you hate get drunk it gets you down a bit. - IronSabbathPriest

I don't get how this is funny.

How is this funny?! - Powerfulgirl10

15 Drunk band members in a surgery room

O-O Sounds more disturbing then funny.

16 Alphys from Undertale as Lammy from Um Jammer Lammy

THis list is pervy

17 Meghan Trainor singing a Black Metal song

That's so weird...

18 Drunk Cartoon Network characters slitting throats

Now that's what I call random!

19 Orange Yoshi chasing people to the toilet

More disgusting then it is funny...

Weird. - Powerfulgirl10

20 A teenage ghost girl with pimples and braces

That's not funny to draw either.

This is so lame. We get it! You like crappy teen sitcoms! That doesn't mean we do! - NikBrusk

21 Lucy Loud in a bedsheet ghost costume with three holes
22 Snoop Dogg and Ms. Keane riding on a unicorn in a haunted mansion

You just ruined a good character of PPG and a rapper.

23 Your OTP

That's funny how?

24 A banana
25 An anime-styled Peridot saying "Clod desu~!"

Ugh... just no.

26 A bedsheet ghost chasing around Pee Wee dressed as a vampire in a haunted house

Eh not really funny.

27 Sticks The Badger Holding Up A Sign That Says Yikes! And The Gets Hit On The Head With An Anvil While Blaze The Cat Speeds By Yelling Meep Meep And Sticks Out Her Road Runner Style
28 Kanye West making love to Donald trump, both of whom just won the Nobel Prize

What? Kanye loves Donald Trump? Did they actually win the Nobel Peace Prize?

29 Darkwing Duck Punching Donald Duck In The Face For Stealing His Popularity
30 Jinx Singing "New York New York" Dressed As A Gremlin

Now you ruined a fictional character and a 80's movie conglaruation you win nothing!

31 Serial Killer Killing Liberals

I know who this will be - TwilightKitsune

32 Fall Out Boy getting set on fire and Linkin Park continuing their concert like nothing ever happened.
33 Alphys having sexual intercourse with the Amalgamates
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