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21 Reva V 1 Comment
22 British Leyland

Nobody will know this company but I think it's pretty bad, go look it up there not that good! There pink! - TheCarNerd

You know what? That looks like an old mini cooper and volvo car mixed in

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23 Peugeot

Why is it this low? If you know how bad they are, you know why. Cannot brake properly, malfununctioning heat system that can literally explode and set on fire, doesn't reverse well, and has many features and buttons that literally permanently lock the back doors and do nothing.

Rubbish France just can not make cars

Worst car EVER!


24 SsangYong

Don't look at the sport. It's really just a pick-up that ruins the iconic word.

The designer is british!
And it looks like he lost his glasses when he got to Korea... - kieron

Look up the SsangYong Rodius. Perhaps the most hideous car that has ever existed in my opinion.

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25 Hyundai

That car is not worth a penny my mother had two and they where nothing but trouble. She will not get suckered into getting another ever.

Car good, company bad for north America, cuts rates to the guys supporting them

Hyundai is the most awesome you can ever have.WHY IS HYUNDAI IN HERE ANYWAY?

Too many hyundais made in china - SpencerJC

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26 Hummer

If you people actually drove one you would think differently those cars are incredible!

How to identify a 20 year old white man thinking they use those in the military - IHSCOUTII1973

They look very nice but they drink the hell out of your gas tank - Mcgillacuddy

UThe hummer h2 is basically an overpriced suburban. the h3 acutally shares the same platform as the chev Colorado..

V 5 Comments
27 Pontiac

Low quality but easy to repair, and you get lots of practice repairing it.

I had a Pontiac first mile break down do not get

That's why they stopped production

These cars are useless, they break down a lot too. Plus they have elow quality options and safety

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28 Land Rover V 2 Comments
29 Proton

Their cars are worst ever production car in the world...! They even can't fix the power window system problem for all range models they produced. The company always copycat other car companies design just bit changes been made. They don't worthy as car maker..

Why is this so low? This should be at number 1.. Hands down proton beats all car (at being the worst).

Worst car in the world. They make Honda, Toyota and Nissan looks like God's car.


V 10 Comments
30 GMC

My 1500 still runs like new at 26 years old.

How is this not #1? what the hell

I know right this ucking car brand should be at number one

GMCs are SO unreliable! I know 3 people who own them. All 3 of them have problem after problem after problem. All 3 of them are buying Hondas and Toyotas next time. 2 of their transmissions blew at only 7 YEARS OLD! Probably makes their cars in

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31 Mercury

Our saturns engine blew up

32 Chery

They're cheap and have no safety and probably no engine either - HappyGarrett

I've never heard of this brand, but knowing America's REALLY strict safety standards on cars, that's probably why... - Turkeyasylum

My aunt bought one and it started braking down regularly after just 3 years of usage. - RalphSaad

They copied a DAEWOO MATIZ. Of all things, a Matiz. The car that flipped over in a J-turn.

V 3 Comments
33 Perodua

Nothing good comes out of that part of the world

34 Infiniti

Not enough dignity to correctly spell their name - IHSCOUTII1973

35 Chevrolet Chevrolet Chevrolet, colloquially referred to as Chevy and formally the Chevrolet Division of General Motors Company, is an American automobile division of the American manufacturer General Motors.

For people saying their trucks and cars last a long time, that's because I have worked on so many of them to do so, more then any other brand. They use the cheapest parts, material, and piss poor engineered. Their engine is ok but when it comes to anything else, it's garbage.

S10s are quote bad, but mine has no problem and it's 16 years old! - bobcards

I am surprised that Chevy isn't number one. Maybe it's just every Chevy I've ever owned... Pure garbage

Hey! I know Chevy is not very high on the list,thankfully! But it shouldn't be on here in the first Place! They're trucks are awesome!

V 11 Comments
36 Nissan

GTR a box?! More like a coffin for other supercar companies because some of them is going to lose lots of money for the performance-price ratio!

Nissan is probably one of the best car companies out there, besides supercar companies like Ferrari and Maserati - Mcgillacuddy

Your crazy dude, that GTR is sexy as heck, Nissans cars are good looking, have good amount of power, and reliable that's what I look for in a car

CVT is bad or perhaps Nissan could go for the semi automatic transmission based on the GTRbut much cheaper to install the V6 sedans, sports cars...etc.

V 6 Comments
37 Brilliance Auto

You know when a car has got Brilliance in its name, it's gonna be a piece of **** - Danielsun182

38 Suzuki

Bring cars better than hyundai

Worst cars ever. Known for transmission failure! They even discontinued the cars because they make BAD CARS. They only got to make suzuki forenzas up to 2008! Cheap and bad!

Actually I saw a few. 2015 suzuki swifts

They have hijacked car industry in Pakistan. No safety no comfort and no performance and cost more then 6000$s just a box with nothi ng. p lease if anyone of authority can read this please ban suzuki from exporting their boxes to other countries and fine them heavi ly. p lease save us from this Mafia

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39 Datsun V 1 Comment
40 Saipa

You guys do not know what company is this. This is the worst ever. Car made in this company have only 2 models and they are being made for 20 years. Saipa is literally the worst ever. You guys do not know this. They're main car being produced over 20 years Is called PRIDE. This car has a worth of 1000 dollars. But people have to buy it for 20 Million Tooman in Iran, Same as 8000$! This company is garbage.

It's The Worst Company

One of unfair car dealers in Iran

The WORST in the world. the boss of this company is really big thief

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