Worst Types of Parents

We all know who they are.

Your parents may have brought you into this world, but that does not mean they won't make it a living hell. This is the Bottom Ten Types of Parents.

The Top Ten

1 The "I'm always right!" kind

This list was made by a spoiled brat. Sure, this kind of parents can be annoying. However, let's not forget that some parents abuse their children in so many horrible ways. Parents who think they're always right or who like to take their kids to the park aren't necessarily bad.

Your arguing with your parents because you said what they didn't want to hear. You prove your point with outstanding evidence, but your parents say "I'm your mother/father, so I'm always right." Don't you jugs hate that?

When you want to know why you can't do something, and they make stupid answers like "because" and "because I said so". Especially for older kids. If you aren't gonna let us do or have something, you have to have a decent reason.

My stepmother pulls this all the time. She even took it to the extreme once and told me that "if I didn't agree with her, then I should just leave and run away." These parents don't make your life a living hell. They make it worse.

I hate this, like believe me, I have something like this and it’s pain!

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2 The abusive and the lazy one

So your parents fight a lot. One of them begins taking it out too much on you whilst the other sits back and enjoys the new episode of EastEnders. Not exactly the greatest childhood.

Often, parents want their kids to be independent, which is great, but there is an extreme of being a "Lazy" parent, and not supervising their children to any extent.

This evidently deserves to be #1. Any parents who are abusive are horrible. - maarilynmaanson

3 The protective kind

Your friends have an Xbox One with Titanfall and Call of Duty. What do you have? A Wii with Wii Party and Sims Creator because your parents think "that gun games were designed by Satan" or "your too young to hear swear words" though they cuss every second your around.

Always with the protection?! Why not the stupid kind?!? - Zindondiddlybop

Protection is for the weak

Me: hey mom I'm 13 now can I watch The Simpsons?
Mom: no sweetie the Simpsons is very inappropriate now go watch Dora the explorer.
Me: ugh...

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4 The active parents that drag you to the nearest park

To be honest this isn't really something to complain about

Say, your playing Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto V, and your mum has to go do outdoor work. What does she do? Drag you to a five hour job whilst you could have rocketed up your character and game progress.

Yeah, this ain't to bad
Unless u enjoy wasting your life on video games

5 Manipulative parents

Imagine just sitting in your room, minding your own business, when they ask if you wanna go outside.
You say no, then they start to complain. When you say no again, they start yelling at you. - Excited

They force you to do stuff that you don't want to do. My mom forced me on the Small World ride at both Disney Parks in CA and FL and my parents forced me to go to this Chinese Lantern festival that's near my house.

No is no, mom.

6 The "Veggie Royals"

I agree, except for me, they want me to have so much meat and not vegetables. The meat they make is often horrible sloppy messy crap that was probably in the fridge for ages. - Excited

This is kinda what my parents are like

You love meat. You can't get enough of Pepperami. You adore the taste of Pepperoni pizza. However, your mum and dad constantly shove fruit and veg down your throat because "mega is murder". Classic vegans.

7 The stupid kind

Imagine your 25 years old and a technician, living far away from your parents. They call you up one day and ask you to fix their appliance (for this, we'll say microwave). You drive 15 miles to their house to fix it, only to realise the didn't plug it in... Really?

Yea, I agree

8 The religious fundamentalists

Yes. I'm glad I'm Christian thanks to my mom, but Christian music sucks and she forces me to listen to it. I have to turn off my Who or Judas Priest and listen to an hour of stupid Christian pop

Yep, just yep.
Those ones that FORCE you to be some catholic or something. I was once forced to go to a church, just sitting in one seat listening to horrible "Jesus music" for 3 hours. When I thought it was over, some idiot came in to continue it. - Excited

9 The sociopaths

This is my mom...she blames almost everything on me and she would tell me negative stuff like “you are a disgrace” :(

10 The confusing kind

To make it short, they tell you to do something, then tell you to stop doing it.


The Newcomers

? The ones that restrict your freedom

That's my mom.

Me: can I go to the dollar store that's across the street from home?
Mom: no
me (when I was 18): can I go to NYC for a school trip with my chorus class?
Mom: no
Me: can I walk to McDonald's?
Mom: no

EVEY SINGLE TIME! And I'm 26! Very annoying! >:(

The Contenders

11 The ones that always get in your business

Like can they stop?

12 Parents who blame the eldest child

My mom blames my sister gor eating all the food really its both of us - Ihateschool

I ALWAYS get blamed no matter what because I'm the oldest :( I HATE IT! >:(

13 The adventurous type

Sounds nice, right? Well, say you just got out of hospital from spraining your elbow. Your parents feel sympathy and let you relax for a month. Though it still hurts after that, they force you to go rock climbing with them. To be honest, that actually qualifies as being stupid and blind at other peoples misfortune.

I am extremely afraid of heights.

14 The "sex maniacs"

Your about 5, okay? You've had a nightmare and want to sleep in mummy's bed. You see the door is open and hear noises from the room. You check what's happening in there to see a heated moment between them. Yep, childhood ruined.

15 The ones who don't know when to let go

For example when you did something wrong and to think that the would forget. Wrong the well always bring it back up even if they do not comply with what is happening.

YES my parents ALWAYS do this and it's really annoying! >:(

16 The obliviously abusive mom
17 The emotionless
18 Ones that condescend you
19 The one that yells at you for a small mistake

That's mine! Once I got yelled at for eating snacks!

20 The "you're to young for a phone" type

I am twelve and I still don't have a phone!

21 The No YouTube Type


22 The creative kind

Sounds awesome? Wrong. We're talking about the INSANELY creative kind. They would usually do stuff like make art or draw nice pictures; but whenever you went to school, jam and fish sandwiches, chocolate pesto pasta, asparagus and strawberry milkshake. Why do they wonder why your always coming home from the nurses office?

23 The self-righteous type

Imagine where your parent/s think they're opinion is always right even when it's just wrong and expects you to believe her and over all just the adult version of a brat.

24 The "back in my day"
25 The Nudists
26 The "because I said so" kind
27 The ones that don't know what fun means

My parents think that the way I have fun (eg. pressing buttons on slot machines at the casinos and riding coin operated horses) is immature

28 The "No Facebook" type

My relatives are all more popular than me because they all have Facebook. I want to be popular, too, but every time I beg for a Facebook my mom ALWAYS says no :(

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