Top 10 Best Shoe Brands


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Nike is awesome they make air jordan and I personaly Love Nike and Other brands too but Nike and Addidas are my favorite brands. Nike can have anything you want to have... EPIC
They rock way better than adidas so you should buy them because they are the best and forget the rest
Nike is a good top designer brand. They are stylish and very durable, lasting for a long time. The expensive price is very worth the product.
[Newest]The best shoes of all time

I think that adidas is really the best! Their shoes are really comfortable as well as stylish and good looking. :) They are good for going out, spots and every day activities also. ;) Because of its variety, everybody can find their perfect shoes.
So comfortable and original
I LOVE Adidas the are so comfortable and and a great fit and look! They are the BEST!
[Newest]I think Adidas should be first because all of their shoes look nice and last longer than almost any popular shoe brand also they are very comfortable

Converse is a brand with great High Tops.


The bomb I'm getting converse because their awesome and the converse I'm getting is black and yellow this needs to be number one their the best who ever made these shoes is a genius. So I think nike and converse needs to switch spots so converse is #1 I (it always have been) and nike should be #5 go converse
CONVERSE WO! These 'NEED' to be number one, they are the best shoes in the whole world I have purple ones and a black pair (Black are way better though because you can wear them with anything) I LOVE who ever made these shoes, your a gineus (can't even spell it laugh out loud) CONVERSE!
[Newest]Converse is the

They are the best and really cool they are worth the price better than all except nike
I think Jordans should be second because they would be first but nike sponsored them and made them so therefore without nike Jordan have been so awesome they are cool I have two pairs
Nike made these just like the original nike and have you ever heard of air jordan nike
[Newest]Jordan's are the best shoes ever because they are stylish, durable, and make your feet feel like heaven

Reebok are the best shoes. This deserved to be the best shoe brand in the whole world. It's durability, comfort, and designs are the BEST.
They come in different treds
Letts go Reebok! 1
[Newest]I think it is best

Comfortable although... They get dirty very easily


Yeah because other shoes defy the laws of logic and don't get dirty. all shoes get dirty. My Nikes are dirty as hell and the soles are falling off, but do I care? No. Because all shoes get dirty.


Vans are sick! My chukka lows have survived all my hard core skating and just casual wearing... Vans ate absolutely sick as shoes.
[Newest]Vans are comfortable, but I've noticed that they get dirty easily

Puma is expensive, but they are totally worth it. I got my first pair a few weeks back and I have never had better shoes. I think this should be number 1 and then Nike, cause they are good too.
Puma is an epic shoe. I'm a growing girl and these shoes I got are awesome. They last long and aren't that expensive for the look and great quality. Nike and addidas are okay and have great quality although they are very expensive.
Pumas should be In 3 rd place after nike and adidas
[Newest]Great shoes worth the price🙌

8Under Armour
I think under armour is better than converse, puma, and fila. Converse because I just never liked it because of the style of the shoe. Puma because of the same reasons that I don't like Converse. And lastly Under Armour is better than puma for tons of reasons, one is because they are very easy to break and because the design isn't that good either. Also Under Armour does much more than shoes. Just saying'.
Well converse aren't designed as athletic shoes as much as the other brands you said
Wearing my armours right now. I have never even heard of converse.
I had most of them but under armour is best brand, I love it.
[Newest]Under armer is awesome

Dc is awesome I just got a new pair of them and they are amazing they are stylish, trendy, comfortable great for skateboarding, and good for just walking around the town and when you try them on your friends are going to be so jealous they're goona be like man those are awesome tell me where you got them I have to have a pair of them plus they have awesome designs you'll love
Dc shoes as everyone knows are the most comfortable and styleish shoes ever made and are amazing quality and last for more then a year for a normal person therefore dc is the best shoe brand ever made.
DC shoes are really cool and good for skateboarding. I also really like Rob Dyrdek and he has the best styles. My favorite are the Aubrey. There are pink and black and another one of my favorites is the white and black one.
[Newest]I have always loved this shoe. It should be number 1.

10New Balance
New Balance holds great shoes.


Best running shoes I have ever worn. Very comfortable and definitely worth the money.
Can't go wrong with a classic pair of 574s


The Contenders

Awesome collection of this company present in market, I love this brand.
I have my pair for a long time a little ripped but still good
Paramount plus.. Simply better.. !
[Newest]This is the best


I think sketchers are great quality I brought sketchers and they were on offer. They were £9.99 then £4.00. But guess what the offer was buy one get three pairs FREE and when you come back you get £9.99 off your next shop! Amazing and also vote for Kickers!
Are not tuff my friend's are all meet up they should be last on the list
We don't get sport shoes in sketchers.
[Newest]Skechers are ugly and the worst quality shoes out there

Did everyone forget about supras? Supras are the coolest shoes you could buy without customizing your own shoes.
Supra has simple yet amazing shoes with tons of bright color ways. Probably the best high tops on the market.
Supras will release your inner swag. They are reasonably priced and have a sick logo
[Newest]Best shoes ever, nothing else to say

Most comfortable shoe and very supportive in the sole great shoe
Asics are the most comfortable
Great support on your joints

They are cooler than the rest
So cute and comfy love them
Really cute but really comfortable I love toms
[Newest]They are comfortable and stylish! They go with everything!

Very good shoes ever
Best shoes for running

I just got champian and they are good for running nice and light

Awesome shoes... But less collection
How can Woodland be so low? It is one of the best shoe brands in the world. The quality and style of shoes is just awesome!
Very nice collection.. And I really like the verities of woodland.. Keep on.
[Newest]I like woodland shoe..

Sparx is very good shoes looking good, comfortable, stylish, good and reasonable price, lots of selection and varietys, I like it why can't you guys.

21Tommy Hilfiger

They sell these at walmart


Sperrys are the best shoes ever made, they can be worn anywhere. You can wear them casualy or dressy!

25High Sierra

Uggs are so comfortable and I just absolutely love them! Totally worth the price!
Uggs are the best I love mine so much they are truly awesome
I can't believe uggs aren't higher! I love my uggs!

27Nunn Bush

28Lee Cooper

Anyone who voted for Nike doesn't have a clue what good shoes are
Most comfortable shoes I have for leisure and holidays.
Awesome shoes by merrell.

30Creative Recreation
I like the style and I'm more comfortable when dancing/performing with them^-^
My favorite brand personally, better than converse.
Legit styles. Awesome high tops


They're really cool and relaxing shoes
I rock them to work at Panda Express!
The best shoe brand ever period

Arguably the Best running shoes ever. The shoes are SO comfortable and amazingly stable!
THE BEST! Nike shouldn't be #1.. They're overpriced and wear out easy.. These shoes deserve to be at least top 5! Go to their website!
Nike sucks
Saucony's the best!
For the win!
Saucony has THE BEST running shoes ever!
[Newest]Best shoes ever! Better than nike




High quality shoes. Should try it.




Best shoe brand! They last long, have many diffrent styles and look great with anything! Their comfortable and pretty cheap. They should defiantly should be in the top 10 and not down here at 64.

42Polo Ralph Lauren


Great confertable and fexable and great for cuchining yo feet for skateboardig get some lakai go skate with lakai there grreeate

Church's are the best and most well made shoes. Defiantly better then any of these sport shoe brands, which are all mass produced




These shoes are very stylish and sells all types of shoes. They have very unique hightops just like Supra and they even own there own running shoes. Recommended to everyone
Radii has swag but gets worn out easily



52Roger Vivier




Why are these 55th

57Christian Louboutin

58Hush Puppies
Don't buy waste of money time
The worst shoes ever

I love ever last they are great shoes and really comfy and they aren't so expensive like nike
Everlast for the win

I like them because they rock and so comftaerable

Is is the waste shoe. don't buy this waste shoes here after.

62Above the Rim

63Dr. Martens
I am in love with Dr Martens! They should be at least in the top 20, or top 10! I have a pair of white ones that I'm loving at the moment! Buy some, you won't regret it! :D
I just ordered some they are amazing why is this not in the top 10?!
Why isn't Dr Martens in the top 10... AMAZING SHOES!
[Newest]Why so low? Number 1, in my opinion




67Car Shoe


69Louis Vuitton

Quality shoe with a good sole and a air breathing toe area which would make anyone jealous of your trendy shoe and people will wish to pay 5 pound to have what you have (5 pound from ebay) #quality

Have amazing designs and are extremely comfortable. Penguins have so many different styles. they are the only shoe brand I buy now

They are great sneakers


There just as good as uggs love them! 💋
I love bearpaw they don't get stained like uggs and are so comfy! 😊

If you mean kd the basketball shoe brand nike model then this isn't a company just like lebrons aren't
What! KD should be higher... idiots worrying about scketcher

I've got some and they are wonderful. They look good and they are comfortable. I always wanted nike shoes but tey are much better. When I saw them at the first time... It was a love at first sight





81PF Flyers
They have awesome basketball, baseball, and casual shoes. Plus thy have great support on your feet, they are so comfortable. They are $49 a pair, which is not too bad. And they come in many colors. :)

82The Hundreds

83Miu Miu

84Florence and Fred
Tesco branded amazing trainers verify in lots of super colours all for just 5 pound







So comfy I love them!



94Kenneth Cole Reaction
This is the best shoes ever better than nike. nike is like barf and crap mix with a blender
The name says it all. kenneth "COLE REACTION"

95Ta Sports
Comfortable shoes for cricket

96Kmart Look Like Vans/Converse
These shoes can Trick your friends to make it look like youve bought thousands of dollars worth of shoes! 1


98Steve Madden
Can't believe Steve Madden is not even on this list, they make such gorgeous and good quality shoes, I especially love their boots.
Because this is sports shoe brands


100Free Spirit

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