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They rock way better than adidas so you should buy them because they are the best and forget the rest

Nike is awesome they make air jordan and I personaly Love Nike and Other brands too but Nike and Addidas are my favorite brands. Nike can have anything you want to have... EPIC

Nike is a good top designer brand. They are stylish and very durable, lasting for a long time. The expensive price is very worth the product.

The majority of my class has these and there are so many types of Nike. My Track team also likes Nike.

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I think that adidas is really the best! Their shoes are really comfortable as well as stylish and good looking. :) They are good for going out, spots and every day activities also. ;) Because of its variety, everybody can find their perfect shoes.

I LOVE Adidas the are so comfortable and and a great fit and look! They are the BEST!

So comfortable and original

Have always admired adidas. Elegant design. Very long life and good prices. Way to go adidas!

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They are the best and really cool they are worth the price better than all except nike

I think Jordans should be second because they would be first but nike sponsored them and made them so therefore without nike Jordan have been so awesome they are cool I have two pairs

Jordan's r really good for basketball not the best for running or athletics but r still really cool and awesome and they make shoes with Nike witch makes them twice as good

Too expensive

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Converse are THE BEST! Right now I have 3 pairs and I have a fourth pair coming but they were on back order and possibly soon I'll be getting a fifth pair! Most of the ones I get are from Journeys so they are more expensive, but still I have had my oldest pair for about a year now and they are holding up pretty nicely. (but they are faded and slightly ripped but still very comfortable) Honestly they are my favorite brand of shoe ever and they are extremely comfortable. The only thing that they shouldn't be used for is running, but other than that they are great for anything!

The bomb I'm getting converse because their awesome and the converse I'm getting is black and yellow this needs to be number one their the best who ever made these shoes is a genius. So I think nike and converse needs to switch spots so converse is #1 I (it always have been) and nike should be #5 go converse

Converse is a brand with great High Tops. - XxSpitfire34109xX

Converse should be number 1 there the best in my opinion

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Reebok are the best shoes. This deserved to be the best shoe brand in the whole world. It's durability, comfort, and designs are the BEST.

They are so comfortable! I have been wearing Reebok shoes for at least 5 years and they are the only brand I buy. They last a long time unlike some other brands. I love the way they look and feel. I would highly recommend this brand of shoe!

Letts go Reebok! 1

Reebok is lowly known and looks weird

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Comfortable although... They get dirty very easily - wiz-kayz2000

I have 4 pairs of vans and I've had 3 of the 4 pairs for almost a year and they aren't dirty. So really it depends on the owner if they get dirty easily. They are amazing shoes and they deserve a spot in at least the top 2 - EMRichard

Vans are super stylish! I have the galaxy print vans and everyone loves them. They are the perfect on the go easy slide on shoes that go with almost everything! Vans are the most popular shoes at my middle school and high school!

Although Vans are not good for running they are the best shoes ever. They are comfortable and stylish. There are many cool colors just for everyone. You can even mix up the colors and they will still look good. I love that there are many different styles. I have had a pair when I was 5 but I went to DC's, now I'm back with Vans. I have 5 pairs now and I love them. By the way they are popular in my middle school.

Vans are the best hands down.

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Puma's might be expensive but they are great! They are so comfortable. But they run small. I also love the design! These shoes are great for if you play sports like track. These shoes are great!

Puma is an epic shoe. I'm a growing girl and these shoes I got are awesome. They last long and aren't that expensive for the look and great quality. Nike and addidas are okay and have great quality although they are very expensive.

Puma is expensive, but they are totally worth it. I got my first pair a few weeks back and I have never had better shoes. I think this should be number 1 and then Nike, cause they are good too.

I support puma is best because I know their quality.

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8Under Armour

I think under armour is better than converse, puma, and fila. Converse because I just never liked it because of the style of the shoe. Puma because of the same reasons that I don't like Converse. And lastly Under Armour is better than puma for tons of reasons, one is because they are very easy to break and because the design isn't that good either. Also Under Armour does much more than shoes. Just saying'.

Well converse aren't designed as athletic shoes as much as the other brands you said

Yeah under armour should be third vans, converse, puma, fila and asics have a really bad style. All asics have the same shape when made only different patterns. Converse look ugly. Same with fila and puma. Adidas nike and under armour are the only cool ones.

I had most of them but under armour is best brand, I love it.

I think that it should the 2nd one or third

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Dc is awesome I just got a new pair of them and they are amazing they are stylish, trendy, comfortable great for skateboarding, and good for just walking around the town and when you try them on your friends are going to be so jealous they're goona be like man those are awesome tell me where you got them I have to have a pair of them plus they have awesome designs you'll love

Dc shoes as everyone knows are the most comfortable and styleish shoes ever made and are amazing quality and last for more then a year for a normal person therefore dc is the best shoe brand ever made.

DC shoes are really cool and good for skateboarding. I also really like Rob Dyrdek and he has the best styles. My favorite are the Aubrey. There are pink and black and another one of my favorites is the white and black one.

Stylish and comfortable...great dc

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10New Balance

My father loves these shoes! They come in a wide option which is great for him. He finds them very comfortable. They don't last as long as Reebok shoes do but Reebok doesn't fit him properly. Being a teenager, I wouldn't wear them, they are just not my style but older people like them a lot.

New Balance shoes are very comfortable and and very nice. There are so many colours and they are great shoes for running and sports.

There the only shoes that a wide enough for me because I have a different foot then others and that is why new Balance rocks

Great colours and good shaped shoes unlike some

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?Stuart Weitzman

They kinda cool.

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Awesome collection of this company present in market, I love this brand.

Paramount plus.. Simply better.. !

Huge variety to choose from, coupled awesome designs that you can't find elsewhere...!

Best collections

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Most comfortable shoes I've ever warn

Awesome Nike is stupid

I like the sketch-airs. They are super comfy!

Very nice shoes sketchers

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Lebron's should really be up there with adidas, Jordans, and nike's or at least should be above skechers and fila

The banners held high on the rafters tonight not a lakers fan to be seen

Shouldn't lebron shoes be with the nike group up there - Deadpoolfan13

Amazing shoes should be number 3

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Most comfortable shoe and very supportive in the sole great shoe

If you are after style, if you are after a brand then I would say you have no respect for your feet... Asics has got comfort, technology for a great support system. Overall A good manufacturer of great Sports footwear

Really light

Last for ever

Best running she

Good grip

There comfortable

Don't give you blisters

When you put them on you don't need to worry about anything

I have so many pairs of these and I always get more when I need new shoes. Great for running, and better than Nike. Go Asics!

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Sperrys are the best shoes ever made, they can be worn anywhere. You can wear them casualy or dressy!

Come on guys what, SPERRY at no. 28?

Everyone needs a pair this should be number 10 at least

Just bought a pair and they make me feel classy

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They are cooler than the rest

Really cute but really comfortable I love toms

They are comfortable and stylish! They go with everything!

So comfy and awesome

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I just got champian and they are good for running nice and light

I love Champion! Their shoes are comfortable and great for sports and running. They also make really comfortable sweaters and t-shirts.

Champion is the best

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Did everyone forget about supras? Supras are the coolest shoes you could buy without customizing your own shoes.

Supra has simple yet amazing shoes with tons of bright color ways. Probably the best high tops on the market.

Supras will release your inner swag. They are reasonably priced and have a sick logo

I got a pair and they are awesome they are the only shoes I'm ever wearing and I'm getting two more pairs within the next year

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20Tommy Hilfiger
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