10 Nastiest April Fools Day Jokes


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21 Fake Winning Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket

look it up on youtube under Americas Funniest home Videos

22 Replace Someone's Hair Gel With Gorilla Glue

Sticks to their hands, their hair, everywhere it comes into contact with. They would have to shave their head, and I have no idea how they would get it off their hands! - QuarantineGames

I WOULD BE SO ANGRY! - DismissedEye

My dad put syrup in my shampoo... If someone put glue in my gel that bitch is going down. -. -

23 I've Been Stripping for Money
24 Put a whole bottle of ketchup in your mouth and wobble your head in front of someone, making the ketchup look like your mouth is bleeding

I tried this it worked perfectly my mom actually thought I was coughing up blood

Wow it's going to be pretty fun.yeah I'll do this in the coming april fool day

25 Confess Feelings to Your Crush. If They Turn You Down, Say "April Fools." V 1 Comment
26 Make Up Disease and Tell Someone You Have It.
27 Tell Someone That Their Girlfriend Is Going to Dump Them

I did this, so my friend the other day, and when I told him he was like "THAT B****! ", when I told him it was a joke he punched me out... yea he was drunk at the time - SmoothCriminal

28 Tell Someone That the Russians Accidentally Aimed an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile at Their House.

Did this one on my mom, the Russian missile one, and it totally worked. Asked her if she was watcing T.V.. went to the extent. What a laugh we both got out of it!

V 1 Comment
29 I Slept With Your Brother Before We Started Dating

I did this to m friend and I told her on april 1st and she flipped and I said april fools she was so mad but I could not stop laughing

30 I Love You

I told that to my sister she said aww and I said April fools day she said go to hell bitch

I tried this and jeez did it work! I tried it on this guy who fancied me and he was like! About 2 hours later I was like Happy April fools I don't really fancy you! And he was nearly crying!


31 Tell someone you now like Justin Bieber
32 Update Your Status On Facebook With Your Birth Date and the Date of Today and Saying R.I.P.

That'll get everyone pretty scared. Try doing it to someone else's Facebook page!

33 The boss told me he's going to give you a promotion

Oh no he is

I just found out hoe to use 4 two letter words in arow making sense - PrinceAntho

34 Go Up to You're Best Friends and Say "I'm a Lesbian, I Love You"
35 Your Spouse Tells You That They Are Leaving You
36 I hooked with your best friend when I was drunk

I was thinking "I love your best friend" but that is even better.

37 Point Down to the Floor and Push Your Friend

Tried it before and my friend got raged and never talked to me for the rest of the day.

38 Change All the Clocks V 1 Comment
39 I'm Transsexual
40 Your House Is Burning V 1 Comment
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