Top Ten Anti-Humour Jokes


The Top Ten

1 Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side.

The one that everybody knows. - PositronWildhawk

2 Why did the man ask for coffee? Because he wanted coffee.

Hillarious list positron I'm not an easy laugher but this is funny - simpsondude

3 Why did the duckling come out of the egg? It's a biological cycle.
4 Why did the child jump off a cliff? He was an idiot.

Hilarious shouldn't be an anti-joke! And this is true. - funnyuser

Although antihumor, this is really funny. - Kiteretsunu

I’m going to jump off a cliff this summer.

5 Why did the man get off the bus? It was his stop.

This is HILARIOUS... It is! - Britgirl

6 Why was the electron in two places at once? It's a quantum particle.

Laugh out loud, people who don't understand physics won't get this at all, they'd be like "what? "
Great list Positron - Sasukes_Princess

7 Why did the cat chase the bird? One was a cat, the other was a bird.
8 Why did the woman not eat cabbage? She didn't like cabbage.
9 Why did the lamp turn off? Someone hit the switch.
10 Why could I see the painting? It was in front of me in a lit room.

Best list ever!

The Contenders

11 What's similar between a banana and a helicopter? They're both not a policeman.
12 My dog doesn't eat meat. Why? Because I don't give him any

A Tommy Cooper unfunny funny haha! - Britgirl

Best anti-humor joke ever. - funnyuser

13 How am I to know if it's dark in here? I can't see a thing!
14 What is a rocket when it's a rocket? A rocket
15 How do you get a clown off a swing? Hit him with an axe.
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