Jesus can walk on water, but Chuck Norris can swim on land.


This is really the most funniest I have ever heard of I mean chuck can swim on land that is really cool I bet jesus can't do that either just a matter of time I guess but I just can't stop laughing this should be at the top and not third this really deserves to be at the top

Holy jesus I can't stop laughing I would definitely say this cause I'm a boss and boss people say boss jokes and this is so -oh my god I really want to swear- lets just say its REALLY funny...

Hahahaha, this is so funny XD how can Chuck Norris swim on a land... he is so AMAZING! I can't even XD WHAT IS AIR?

Just great. The guy who came up with this must be a genius. I'm surprised this is not number one, because the better is usually number one, not number two.

I love this fact! This is so awesome, I laughed my ass out! Reading this. Well, all of them are funny but I think this one is the best!

When I heard it for the first time I almost piss myself, this has to be by far the best one of chuck facts. This has to be in the top ten forever

The best fact I have ever read! I am still laughuing. I can't stop!
It should be NUMBER ONE!
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Clearly the best! Don't know why this is only the 3rd best Chuck Norris Joke because this isn't even a joke or a fact! This is a way of life! - alexdieker

Notice This definitely made my day. I have a ton of posters containing these quotes. For sure one of the best of them all. - JakeNoah

You see chuck norris on the ground swimming! That would look so cool. Him waving his arms. Imagine him actually moving

Mom some man was just swimming in the front porch! Don't worry honey that is just Chuck Norris.

This should be number one! It took me a while to catch my breathe it rocked!

Keep rocking on! M/

HAHAHAHA OMG This 1 is jokes, easily the best that I have seen to date. Very funny!

Its actually swim through land. After all anyone can swim on land (that's what pools are for)! Laugh out loud

Chuck Norris once shot down a German air fighter plane by pointing his finger at it and yelling 'BANG! '

This is a good one! I've heard a lot of chuck norris jokes but this is one of the best! This should be number one on the list for sure!
Heres a related joke:
Jesus can walk on water. Humans are made of 70% water. So therefore if I stand on someone I am 70% Jesus!

Haha this is funny
Guess when jesus returns he would be beaten hands down.

TERRIFIC! My mum has just looked at me, she's wondering why I'm laughing alone.

This is d best joke about 'CHUCK NORRIS ' I have ever heard in my life. I laughed whole night, couldn't stop laughing. Hahaa! Chuck is great. Swimming on land. It should be number 1. I have never heard like this. Top tens in great

Truly the best one next to "chuck norris converted god to atheism. "

This is one of the best jokes, and it only makes sense if you don't think about it too much.

This is awesome. I have snot bubbles coming out my nose.

Chuck Norris is love, Chuck Norris is life

Laugh out loud this is my favorite one of the ones here. Although I'm sad that they don't have Chuck noriss being the fastest. Brings me back hearing this again.

Chex mix rock!
Chuck norris lose his virginity before his father did!