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21 Solo Care
22 1 Day Acuvue Define

: I have recently decided to get rid of my eyeglasses. I was not sure where to get the contact lenses at affordable price. I stumbled upon Best Contacts. I ordered the contact lenses online. It is easy, hassle-free and I am thankful for their quick response.

23 Adore Tri-Tone
24 Klar
25 Soflens 38
26 Essilor V 1 Comment
27 Safe-Gel FRP
28 Aqua Suprol
29 American Optical
30 Jual Softlens VX Kiwi

This is one of the cheapest beauty contact lens I've ever met because it only has one tone so the price is reasonable. Not just cheap, it is very comfortable to wear and they create a very natural eyelook and looks like it is our eye colour. Very comfortable to wear! So soft! It almost have the same feel as acuvue or other expensive brand. Sadly it only have plano as their power :( hopefully they'll produce the one with power next year. Water content 60%. If you're outside Indonesia buy via shopandbox or other buying services. Worth to try.

31 Bella

The Color are natural, and I'm totally in love with the fact that no one can see I put color contact lenses. The color are really classic my favorite is Lime Green. They are so comfortable to wear, I can wear them all days without feeling like I wear contact lenses

Comfortable and natural color all days. My favorite Color is Lime Green. - Maosika

The Best color contact Lenses I have ever wear/

32 Soflens Daily 90 Pack
33 Open 30
34 Extreme H2O

3 diameters... are gloves one size fits all?
Maintains 99% of its H2O... can your contact say that?
Kislan report... dry study... 47 patients... double blind study.. results.. 6 had no preferance... 34 of 41 choose H2O over Oasys...

35 Acuvue Vita
36 Hubble
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