Top 10 Best Prank Call Ideas

Need to prank call someone? Want to use only the best of the best? Look no further!
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1 Is Mister Wall there? No. How about Misses Wall? No. Then what's holding up your ceiling?

Lolz I dialed on *67 to this random person and said:
Me: "Hello, is Mr. Wall there, please? "
Person: "There is no Mr. Wall here, sorry"
Me: "Can I speak with Mrs. Wall then, please? "
Person: "Mrs. Wall does not live here. "
Me: "Well, can I speak with Harry Wall, please? "
Person: "There is no one here by that name, either. Sorry. "
Me: "Are there any Walls there? "
Person: "No, there are no walls here. Sorry. "
Me: "Then may I ask what's holding up your house? "
I was LMAO!

That's a really catchy one but by the chance I don't have a number to call from that to fall for that catchy, greatful joke but I can share an opinion of what u can do,.

call any nail salon and it has to be a Vietnamese person on the phone...
go on good translate and translate the language to Vietnamese
try to pronounce the words on Google translate with your own voice and keep saying funny stuff in there language
I tried this one time and the lady there laughed so hard she offered me if she can do my nails for free because that catchy laugh she cracked up on.

I called using a nerd voice

Me:Hello Is Mister Wall there?
Person:I think you have the wrong number
Me:Oh, no I don't
Me:What about Misses Wall?
Person:There are no Walls here sir.
Me:Then whats holding up your building?
Me:I got you good!
Person:Yes you did now bye!
Me:I love you

This is really funny and for a second I thought that it would be dumb and stupid but this was really good! Yall should also try the " It's Over " prank. It's where you call a random person and you say that it's over and start talking about your wedding! I tried it... Laugh out loud!

2 Say "Hi this is Jenny from 31 Flavors, if you can name 31 Flavors in 31 seconds you can win 31 thousand dollars, ready go!!" super fast and peppy.

This is amazing. I called a random person and said that and they started screaming. Then they got really mad cause they beat the challenge. I think she was an icecream freak. Then I told her to go to shiver shack and claim her money there. And it worked.

Oh my Jesus so, my friends and I did this on our band teacher right? And he just hung up as expected, so we just brushed it off. But about fifteen minutes later another band classmate called back and played along with our teacher for a good 45 minutes. The classmate also exquisitely spat out easily over 31 flavors. What? We don't know what we got ourselves into.

This is so funny. This is our conversation. "Hello, this is Jenny from 31 flavors. If you could name the 31 flavors in 31 seconds, then you could win 31 thousand dollars. Ready set go! " (They named all the flavors) "Now where's my money? " "Go to Maggie Moo's and ask for the 31,000 dollars there under the name of Gertrude Tahalia." "I thought you were 31 flavors? " "Toodles! (In a very peppy voice)." Then I hung up!

I did this with one friend and they actually did it and beat the challenge. Did you know that there is a new one, Hi it's Tim from 31 flavours, you have won 2 tonnes of ice cream and it's being transported to your house and will arrive in 2 minutes (then hang up)

3 Why did you hang up on me?

My friend and I did this to a restaurant and the guy who answered took seven minutes to tell me that I was beautiful and wasn't worth the guy who "hung up on me". It was so cute and then he said that I sound beautiful and to call back with anymore problems of mine. That made our day.

This is the best, start crying to give it effect :')

I might as well do this. It sounds really funny and believable. My grandma deserves it because she always hangs up the phone on people (even family) for no reason!

I did it, and the woman said no, no. Don't cry! I'm sorry. I just don't kniw you. Then, I blew a horn into the phone, and he screamed. But then I hung up, and block my ##

4 Ask for some random person and then hang up when you are told you have the wrong number. Call back later with a disguised accent, and say you're [insert name used earlier] and ask if there are any messages for you.

I did this, and this is how it went.

Me: Hey, is this Marc?
Them: Um, no, sorry.
Me: Okay, well, if Marc picks up please tell him I ordered shrimp with anchovies and clam soup. Kay?
Them: Uh, well, sure?
Me: Thank you so so much!

5 min later

Me (english accent): Hello, is this Cam?
Them: No! You have the wrong number!
Me: Excuse me, I'm Marc. Any messages for me?
Them: Er, well, yeah, this guy said he ordered shrimp with anchovies and clam soup so.. "
Me: THANK YOU did he mention anything about the body?
Them: Body? No. *hangs up*

laugh out loud!

Me: Hi Katy!
Person: Uh, there is no Katy here..
Me: Really? No Katy?
Person: No Katy here.
Me: Oh, well if Katy comes by tell her I wanted a thin, crispy pepperoni pizza with 2 large bottles of Dr. Pepper.
Person: Um... Alright...
(hangs up)

Person: Who's this?
Me: Um.. Katy?
Person: Huh?
Me: My name is Katy and I wonder if a girl called Aisha is here.
Person: I don't think so.. But I heard this girl wanted a pepperoni pizza with 2 bottles of Dr. Pepper or something. Maybe that's her?
Me: Yes it is! Thanks. It's not like you heard anything about some secret drugs, right?
Person: No?!?!?
(hangs up)

Personally I would leave out everything after call back besides that it is an amazing I tried it and it was hilarious I put hello is mine there and they said I don't know why I'm sorry I think you have the wrong number and I said no I'm pretty sure she gave me this number is like no there's no money there so then I hung up and I called another person and said hey is there a mile there and they said no so I was like I'm pretty sure that there's money there because she gave me this phone number then they said no there's no way I'm sorry and then I just kept doing it.

I did this and this is how it went

Hi Jesse
Um this is not Jesse.
Is Jesse there?
No this is a wrong number.
Well when you see him can you tell him that his order for Hawaiian pizza with guava rolls and salami is in
Um ok

1o minutes later

Hey is Pablo there
Are you prank calling me I am called by people randomly
Ok. Thanks for being honest.
Well is Pablo ther?
They ran around the house saying Pablo
My son is not here
Ok I am Jesse
Wait you ordered Hawaiian pizza with guava and um... Salami

5 Claim you are doing a survey and then ask random and hilarious questions.

Okay, that should be good, I'd really like to try that. Like ask things such as this:
"What color is your refrigerator? "
"Is your room colorful with many ponies and unicorns? "
And the best, "Will you marry me?" Then, hang up.

Do you like delicious flavor?
Do you have a pooping butterfly?
Are you a dentist in the ocean?
Are you an alien?
Do you eat food?
Do you like to shave?
How many times did you pee today?
Do you own lots of flying unicorns?
Are you an owl cub?
Or are you a Polar Bear swimming in a dream where you can talk?
And the best of course, Can you marry me?
Those are just some ideas.

Here are a few ideas for questions:
Do you believe in Santa Claus?
Can you fly?
Do you own a unicorn?
Does your cat talk?
Will you be my boyfriend? (works even better if victim is a girl)
Can you puke up anchovies?
Where do you hide the bodies of your victims?

I am definitely going to try this. The reactions I'm going to get are going to be hilarious! I think I'll make a game out of it and see how many random questions I can ask before they hang up.

6 Ask if they will confirm their order of exotic Mexican dancers for a bachelor party.

Me: Hi, It's Mike, I just wanted to confirm my order for exotic Mexican dancers at my friend's bachelor party.
Person: Um, I think you have the wrong number.
Me: Oh I'm so sorry! Goodbye!

One minute later...

(ringing the same number back)
Me: Hi, It's Mike, I just wanted to confirm my order for exotic Mexican dancers at my friend's bachelor party.
Person: You again? Look, I don't have time for this!
Me: Of course you have time, Mexican dancing is very simple! I'll teach you if you like!
Person: Is this a prank call?
Me: Prank call! How could you be so rude! I am calling to confirm my order for exotic Mexican-
Person: I get it. Bye!

We laughed so hard! Funniest thing ever!

This is definitely one of the funniest on this list. I haven't tried this but I can see how funny the reactions would be.

Also this would be even funnier if you called a mexican restaurant on top of this

This is the best prank ever. I called up one of my friend and carried out this idea, he was like what I never ordered for that... the funniest thing was my voice modulation skills helped me a ton... I was like ROFL

I used this as a text, and my cousin kept texting me numbers and I pretended to be a clerk named Kevin looking to complete Sarah Howard's dance order, it was insane.

7 Hmm, yes I ordered a pizza an hour ago and I want to know when it's coming.

Hilarious! I tried this and the girl on the other end got super madAnd kept trying to tell me that The person I had called was not the pizza company. But I kept telling her she was kidding or that she should stop lying. It was so funny!

I tried this and this happened
Me:hmm, hello
Me:ah yes I ordered a pizza like a hour ago... I want to know when it is coming.
Person:oh it is already been eaten..
Me:*laughs so hard*
Person: bye... Weirdo

I did this on a Taco Bell employee but I'm not very good at it so he just said,"Thank you for calling Taco Bell, have a wonderful day." At least he was nice about it.

Oh My GOD!

I just tried it on some poor old random dude! I went Like This:

Me: Hey, LOOK I ordered a pizza an hour ago, and It still hasn't came here yet.

Him: Sorry, I don't have pizzas. You have the wrong number.

Me (defensively/Getting louder)- YES YOU DO! STOP LYING! WHERE ARE MY PIZZAS?

Him- I don't have pizzas!

Me- I'm reporting you to the main office.

Him- I sure wish you would.

Then I slammed the phone down.

8 Where do babies come from?

! This should be number 1! Imagine how awkward it would be!...
Me: Excuse me, but where do babies come from?
Random person: Um...who is this?
Me: I'm (insert fake name, just in case).
Random person: Are you a grown-up or a child?
Me: Well, basically, if I'm a grown-up, I'd obviously know where babies come from.
Random person: Why do you want to know?
Me: Well, I just watched The Boss Baby. Have you watched it?
Random person: Um, yeah...?
Me: Good! Anyway, there's the part where the Boss Baby takes Tim to BabyCorp, and Tim asks, "So this is where babies come from? " and the baby's like, "Where did you think? The cabbage patch? Magic fairies? " and Tim says, "Well, my parents told me that..." and he whispers something to the Boss Baby and the baby's like, "Eww! Gross! " I wanna know what Tim whispered. It's obviously disgusting, judging from the baby's reaction, but I love disgusting stuff, so I'm asking you. By the way, are You a grown-up.
Random person: ...more

I called Speedway and I sounded like a British little girl and was like "Daddy, where do babies come from? I can't sleep without knowing."
He played along and it was hilarious. I even said "I love you, Daddy" before I hung up.

I called a random number about 6 years ago and this is how it went
Me: hey, what does naive mean?
Them: it means gullible
Me: ok thank you
Them: yeah, no problem. anything else you need?
Me: no, bye

I said "help, I need to know where babies come from before my honey moon". They said, sorry, ask your wife, don't call me.

9 Say "You are the weakest link" and hang up.

I GOT to try that, that's really funny. I can just imagine what the person will do when they get that call. (confusion probably)

Laugh out loud I pranked my friend with that and the next day she was crying because she didn't want to be the weakest link!

Haha Doctor Who reference? "I bloody love you! " I just watched that episode
By the way that episode rocks.

This is hilarious!
My dad and I did it to someone and all I heard was them laugh before we hung up

10 Use a real bad Chinese accent and say "we sell egg rolls! $20 for one egg roll! Egg rolls! egg rolls! You buy egg roll or we hunt you down!"

This one totally made meee laugh out loud. Just imagining a voice on the phone in that Chinese accent all fast like, going all "EGGROLL! EGGROLL! Wee hunt you DOWN! " That just madness me really want to try this.

"We sell egg rolls! $20 for one egg roll! Egg rolls! Egg rolls! You buy egg roll or we will hunt you down to the end of the earth! " That sounds better.

And then the customs in Hong Kong will hunt you down. Not really a good one, but still funny.

My friend ps and I pranked called like five people pretending to be Panda Express. Greatest reactions ever

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11 Hi this is Radio Disney, you just won 3 tickets to see One Direction Live at (insert Stadium). You just need to answer this survey in order to win. Are you ready to start? [Hang up]

This is such a good one. I tried it and the teen was so fun to. Screaming and everything! One thing, maybe say 4 tickets instead of 3 because real concerts don't sell tickets in threes.

I told this to my friend Marcus then he new it was me cause of my voice.
So I told him to let his little brother to pick up next time, so I pranked his brother
and change the one direction consert and said Disney Land instead.
Marcus's brother reaction was priceless

This is funny I tried it on my neighbour and she fell for it, she was laying on the floor crying then her dad walked in and said "what r you doing" then I hang up

People get so exited, I just talked with somebodies parents about their concert! These teens are so happy! Laughing out loud!

12 Call McDonald's and say "Hi I'm stuck in one of your toilets and need help getting out because I'm a paraplegic" then yell "HURRY UP MY CHEESEBURGER IS GOING COLD"

I did this and this what happened
Me I'm stuck in your toliet and I need help getting out I'm stuck head in the bowl help please hurry my cheeseburger is getting cold
Them oh my gosh are you okay
Me no my cheeseburger is getting cold
Them we will be right there
Them. I can't get the stall opened
* I actully went to McDonald's and did it in a stall
Me well nether can I help
Them we are calling the police to help
Me wait wait I just got out
Them o thank god
I walk out and say my cheese burger got cold you better give me a free mcdooble with large fries and a shake and jumbo drink
Them I'll get that right to you
I got a free meal out of this one

, this one was so hilarious! :) I talked in a panicky voice, and the lady who answered said that of course she will help, and that she will be right there. I then hung up and I was paralyzed with laughter by that time. After some time, I thought about pretending that I was getting mugged by someone in their bathroom, but then I got a feeling that they would end up calling the police, so I decided not to take the risk. :( But, you people have GOT to try this one!

I did this and he said call me when you find your mom. so I called back and said I found her but she went black and he never came back because that dude was trying to offend white people needless to say he hung up

Lol I called Wendy's and the girl was like "You''re stuck? " then she hung up and then other lady I called was like "Calm down, calm down" lol

13 Is your refrigerator running? Yes. Well you better go and catch it.

I think that the first nine are better because everybody knows this one. I got an idea. Call 2 random people and leave your phones there until they hang up. The 2 people will be confused because they think that one called the other. I forgot where I got that from, but it is funny.

It worked on my mum she totally fell for it and I think people need to be less rude on here. Seriously, people don't want your crap all over this webpage. We get it if you're having a horrible day but there's no need to take it out on others, okay?! And the joke actually works really well, keep up the good work!

Lol the funniest thing happened
Me : Hello is your Refrigerator running
Man : No
Me : Nice to see you got a tight hold on yours last night I caught mine doing who knows what with the dishwasher.
Lol I was on the floor laughing so was he

Ask if its running, and they'll think, "I've heard this one before", so they'll say no. Then you say, "Well I'm from Sears I'll be right over if you could just give me your address.

14 Call a business and start screaming in a horrible accent, "I've came here 20 times and manager told me that I could get coupon and I didn't get coupon and I have such sad life and whyyyyy!" (sob sob)

I tried this once, the lady also had an accent but she had no clue what I was saying. We started yelling at her for a coupon for the salon.

LOL so funny I tried this and they hung up

Cracked up at this one

This one is so funny.

15 Call Petsmart and when they answer, say 'Hear me roar like a mountain lion!', then try to to it.

We said hear me roar like a mountain and she said WHAT! We tried to say it again but we couldn't stop laughing.

If I do this I mean it's worth it but if I prank call pets mart I will get in a lot of trouble

Lol this worked so well! This is what happend:
Man: Petsmart this is Justin
Me: Hear me roar like a mountain lion
Man: Um I don't hear anything
*i was actually in Petsmart so I roared
Man: THE ANIMALS ARE CRYING! Then he hung up lol

I said the same thing except I did another sound:

Me: Hear me roar like a mountain! meow
The person: What...

16 Call a hotel in Hawaii with bad ratings and ask questions about their rooms, like how many they have and the types of beds and stuff.

Call someone and say I got my period and I don't know to do. I really need you

Ask how many different kinds of bugs are in each room

That's stupid what if you don't bag there number

I called a hotel in Hawaii that had 1 review

17 Call a random number and pretend you are Siri

Guy : um hello, who is this?
Me : I Am Siri.
Guy : Siri?
Me : Yes? What would you like to ask?
Guy : Nothing. How did you call me?
Me : Calling Mi..
Guy : No! No. Cancel the call Siri!
Me : Cancelled.
Guy : I didn’t call you.
Me : calling Yu.
Me : the holy god is the -
Me : adding Hi to your caller list, would you like to call Hi?
Guy : thanks. Can you stop calling me?
Me : deleting Mi from your caller list
Guy : No! That was my girlfriend!
Me : calling Your Girlfriend
Guy : NO! don't!
Me : sorry, I didn’t catch that.
( His girl answers and he hangs up on her )
Me : you have one text message from “ my girlfriend “ would you like me to read it?
Guy : well okay.
Me : we are breaking up expect to die tonight ( hangs up )

The best thing is that when you do call, they look down at their phone and make its not actually Siri! (I did this about 20 feet away from a person.)

They posted it on youtube because they were vlogging!

I did it to pf changs and that person got so mad at me

18 Hey, it's Jennifer. I left my super duper maxi pads at your house. If you could return them, that would be great. I have major leakage. Thanks.

Laugh out loud I did this to my BFF and she was like who r you and I was like (random name) and then she was like ooh yeah I found those and got my period yesterday and used them sorry then hung up and called me and was like some random person just called me and was like I left my super super maxi pads at your house and
So I was so freaked out just told them I used them and hung up lmao!

My sister, her friend, and I were calling random buisnesses and then finally, Sams' Club answered.

Sams' Club: Hello? How may we serve you today?
My sister: Um, hi, it's Jennie. I left my Super Duper Maxi pads at your store and I was wondering if you could try to find them for me.

Then, Sams Club was like, "One moment please, we'll try to find them."
We were on hold for the next few minutes, and then the lady who answered was like, "Sorry, WHAT? " And then we hung up.

I'm trying it that's gonna be so funny. I have tried this I hope you enjoy it. In a weird hard to understand accent say hello is marc there(but don't pause keep on talking) tell him he can't keep leaving his pants at my house my boyfriend/husband almost noticed ill see you tonight and forget your pants on your way over

Lololol I called my friend with an accent (with an unknown number obviously) and she just said:
friend: um, who are?
me: umm, sally are you deaf or something I said "its me jennifer" Anyways hurry up this is a MAJOR leakage!
friend: first of all I don't know who you are, second of all my name isn't sally. And girl just buy some at target or walmart I don't know..
me: (hangs up)

19 Call a pizza shop and when they answer, say, "your pizza burned the tongue right off my daughter, you jerk you better pay for a new one!" and hang up.
20 Hi it's Stacy from fat zap would you like me to zap your fat away? Do you have any questions on this process?

I tried it, so funny! Here's how it went:

Me: Hi! It's Stacy from fat zap would you like me to zap away your fat?

Person: Uh... Well, that would be amazing but-
Me: Great! Ready? 3, 2, 1, and... Abra Kadabra Alakazam! Zap!


Me: You have offcially lost... 23 pounds!

Person: Uh, well... Great...

Me: Great indeed! For further information on what this is, please visit I just pranked you dot com!

I did this to a person, and this is how it went out (I used a different name, because I am male)

Me: Hello, this is Alex from fat zap would you like me to zap your fat away? Do you have any questions on this process?
Other Person, Who is actually a child: No thanks, I am underweight for my age. (Hangs up.)

This child said it so quickly and calmly that I was so puzzled when he hang up.

Tried it on this guy and he said sure that would be great How gulible do you get? Laugh out loud!

Laugh out loud so funny I have to do this!

21 Call a random guy and say "children in the back seat cause accidents! Accidents in the back seat cause children!" then hang up.

This is actually funny.

You are an accident

That’s the best one ever

Yea what if these people are hotheaded and short tempered and are armed with weapons and get very angry and furious

22 Say 'I can't hear you' until they hang up.

This one is so old, best trick to wiggle off telemarketers

I did this to my local mcdnalds and I said what 3 times and then the guy said OH SHUT UP WILL YOU!

I did this once in school (because I actually couldn't hear them) Then they hang up. THEN THEY CALLED AGAIN! I was like:... Wut.

23 Call a random number and start singing happy birthday!

I tried this and the lady almost sounded sorry for me.

Me:Happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you-
Her: Oh-
Me: happy birthday dear Katy, happy birthday to you!
Her: Oh, I'm so sorry sweetie, I hate to tell you that I'm not Katie...
Me: You're not? Where is she? Are you her mother?
Her: Um, no...This is Samantha. I think you may have the wrong number. I'm so, so sorry..What number did you call?
Me: Oh, um, you know what, I'll just go back and look again..
(I completely forgot the number I dialed)
Her: Okay, honey. I hope you find Katy! Have a nice day!

Lol I did this
Me: *sings happy birthday*
*Akward silence
Me: umm happy birthday Katie!
*Still nothing
Random guy: ok...okay...

I apparently called a hospital and she said thanks and all, but I heard her yell, "SECURITY! " Then I hung ul

The funniest prank call idea ever!

24 Did I leave my clothes in your bedroom?

I did this on my friend Lena and so her boyfriend was part of it so when he walked out of the room without his phone I called him so lena picked up and I gave her no time to speak and I was like hey did I leave my underwear in your room last night and they got in such a bad argument it was so funny when ant the end he told her it was a prank.

I did this and the guy just played along saying I did lmao. I was saying I'm going to call him tomorrow to come and pick it up. Then I started hinting we would have sex when I come. It was pretty funny that he played along the whole time.

This is a amazing I done it on my boy best friend and he had the massive shock of his life

Did this to my boyfriend and he thought it was funny

25 Call McDonald's and ask "Is this the Krusty Krab?"

I did this to Pizza Hut and the manager answers the phone I was like hello is this the Krusty crab and the manger said no it's Pizza Hut so I said o my god I'm being kid napped so get me a pizza haha try it lol!

This one is bæ! I did this to 4 different McDonalds and they all got super mad and said," No this is McDonalds." And hung up on me. It works if you call the same one multiple times.

If they say "no this is patrick" then id be done, they would have pranked me

Haha so funny the lady was so confused

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