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221 Call somebody random and say "Hi this is _____ from 31 flavors. You have 31 seconds to guess 31 flavors for a chance to win 10,000 dollars. Then when they start to guess the flavors keep saying wrong wrong wrong wrong.

It's like the :Hi I'm Jenny from 31 flavours!

I did this and the guy was like really?

It's the best prank call script ever

222 Call a Whovian, your application to meet David Tennant has been approved.

Then ask when they want to meet him. Allonsy! OR possibly Geronimo?!

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223 Call a person and say "Hello, is this Ben Dover"
224 Call a random number and say: yeah hi this is (insert random name) my freezer isn't working and I've tried everything. Can you help? If they say wrong number or no etc; in response yell out DAMN YOU YODA! And hang up.

I've done this heaps of times and it is the funniest
Thing I have ever done!

225 Call a random number and pretend to be a Jehovah's Witness. Ask them if they know what another name for God is, then invite them to visit their church on 'random street name'.

I did this to an elderly lady, and boy was she mad. In a strong tone she said 'get me off your calling list, I have my own religion'. Don't forget to just keep pestering them till they hang up, and make up a bunch of random info about them

Awesome! I invited them to a 'picnic'

226 Call Walmart and say "whoa that was crazy last night, oh yeah I'm stuck on your roof, can you send up some clothes and a coke thanks" then hang up
227 Call a random number and continue to ask "hi, how are you?" until they hang up
228 Call someone and say: hey honey I forgot my underwear in your bathroom will you get it for me? Oh never mind, you can keep it, then hang up! V 1 Comment
229 Call Progressive and ask for Flo.

Only if you are in a car accident and need car insurance. - playstationfan66

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230 Call Butt Hut and say eat poooooooop!
231 Say "how much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood" mess it up, say dang and hang up. Ring up straight after and say it again, yelling NAILED IT! ring a third time if they answer with "what!?" or something alike, say 'How much..."
232 Call some one and say hi then hang up

This is a poo grammar duplicate of the above

233 Call a random person and say "do you have the money?!,(Response), Then say "Oh sorry wrong number" and soft but hearable say "Now I need to kill another person"
234 Hello is Mr Wayne Kerr here?

Best mr prank call ever - Swaganator

My second name is Kerr

235 Call someone you don't like and say, "Hello, this is UC Davis calling with an appointment reminder for (name of person your calling) at the Mind Institute Clinic with Doctor (name of doctor) at 3:30 am. To cancel or reschedule, please call..."Then hang up
236 Hello Mr. Box have you seen my dog?
237 You: Do you got the stuff? Them: what stuff? You: The goods man Them: I ain't a drug dealer, who is this? You: I can't say my name around here man
238 Call Taco Bell around Christmas and sing Feliz Navidad

Me and my cousins called Taco Bell last night and played the song on Spotify during the call. They hung up after that. - Discord

239 Talk like an elderly person, and when they answer, scream "Who's talking to me?!?!" They'll probably be really confused. Then say, "What's going on?! I just got this new-fangled smart phone and I'm trying to access the calculator!" V 2 Comments
240 Call someone, ask, "who is this?" when they say their name hang up and remember their name and number, and in 5-10 days call them again and say I know where you live _______ (their name)

Its original and funny please put in

Lol,i should try this :D

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1. Call Petsmart and when they answer, say 'Hear me roar like a mountain lion!', then try to to it.
2. Call a hotel in Hawaii with bad ratings and ask questions about their rooms, like how many they have and the types of beds and stuff.
3. Call a pizza shop and when they answer, say, "your pizza burned the tongue right off my daughter, you jerk you better pay for a new one!" and hang up.
1. Use a real bad Chinese accent and say "we sell egg rolls! $20 for one egg roll! Egg rolls! egg rolls! You buy egg roll or we hunt you down!"
2. Call a business and start screaming in a horrible accent, "I've came here 20 times and manager told me that I could get coupon and I didn't get coupon and I have such sad life and whyyyyy!" (sob sob)
3. Why did you hang up on me?
1. Is Mister Wall there? No. How about Misses Wall? No. Then what's holding up your ceiling?
2. Ask for some random person and then hang up when you are told you have the wrong number. Call back later with a disguised accent, and say you're [insert name used earlier] and ask if there are any messages for you.
3. Where do babies come from?

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