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101 "Mum I left my home. What should I do?" They will then probably say "It's not your Mum; I think you have a wrong number." Then reply by saying "why, where is she?" They will then go, "I don't know where your mum is, sorry."

Call someone and go " Mum I left my... At home what should I do? " They will then probrably go "Its not your Mum I think you have a wrong number" then reply by saying "why where I she" they will then go "I don't know where your mum is sorry" Just go mental saying that they should have looked after her better! Laugh out loud so funny

102 Call a McDonald's and ask for a salad without the green stuff. They will then try to convince you that they can't do it and then threaten them by asking what the number is for Burger King.

Try it the other way around, call burger king and ask them the question then when they say no, say what your motto is have it your way this is an out rage I DEMAND the phone number to McDonald's.

We don't have a Burger King so this should be good...

LOL This was me:
Me:Hello, may I have a salad without the green stuff?
Person: What?
Me: Can I have a salad without the green stuff? I'm allergic.
Person: Um, maybe... If you come to the restaurant.
I hang up.

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103 Call a random number. If they pick up, sing "Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down..."

Never gonna run around...

The classic rickroll. - TheYoshiOverlord


Aha as I scrolled down and read it the same lyrics came up on YouTube as I was listerning to rick Astley and avicii lmao

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104 Call a guy and tell him he isn't worthy of you any more. Say a random male's name. When he tries to convince you it's not him, rage completely. V 1 Comment
105 Call K-Mart and ask them what their biggest bra size is and when they give you the answer say, in a fat accent, "aww man! That's not big enough."

I tried this and they called me fat and stupid

Laugh out loud I need to try that

I did that and they said size and I said man I need like a size 9000000000000000 thanks anyway

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106 Call someone in the middle of the day and ask for their husband/wife and if they say that they're not home, tell them that they're at the strip club in Las Vegas. V 1 Comment
107 In a child's voice, whisper "Seven days..." and hang up.

I'm totally doing this. I wish there was someway to know what the person you say this to does afterword. Right? - Thalia

That's just funny! I wish we could see their reaction after we hang up.

Especially if they just watched the Ring. - ethanmeinster

This would totally halarious, I'm gonna do it

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108 This is (random name), from the (insert local police dept. name), we have your husband/wife in custody...this state looks down on sodomy.

You can be fined for this, or worse, depending on how old you are, and the situation. Seriously, like the Life Alert one, some things are funny, some just AREN'T.

In the USA it is illegal to prank call police or pretend you are the police.

Laugh out loud
I loved this prank

It's illegal to J-Walk also, but people still do it.

109 Do you know where I can buy some fake blood?

They said no but I know a place wear you can buy real blood I kill people and use there blood in my store and eat the evidence I got there number and called the cops after that

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110 Call Pizza Hut and ask if their pizza has the "Domino" effect on its customers.

I called and their like no so I asked for dominos number

111 Call someone and say you support Trump

Horrible one cares

No because I def don't

Just be like
(Hillbilly accent) "Hello there, nice mornin ain't it? "
"I've come here to tell you that Donald J. Trump (Emphasize the J it's funny), is running for the president! "
"Um, ok"
*hang up

112 Call McDonald's and tell them you bought a (insert something here) and they gave $200 change back.


113 I found the key [hang up].

It's Hilarious they were like "Did you find it Stacy! "

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114 Call Walmart and say "I kinda got stuck in your toilet ... Come help me ... bring some toilet paper, and a big mac .. Thank you."

I tried this this the operator person started bursting out laughing and I was like "... I'm serious... " they were out

Tried this they were like how bout I give you a big bottle of wine you sound like you need it

I have one, Call a number with a fake number and whisper in a creepy voice: I know where you live... And if there like "Oh really? Where? " Then say "In a house" Then hang up

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115 Call in a really posh British Accent saying "This is George's Whorehouse, regarding your order of three prostitutes, could we renegotiate the time you want them?"

It works! I used it on my friend from a different number and he was so confused...

Funniest evver, you get amazing results, especially if you call someone you know but with a different number!

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116 This is Jake from State Farm.

I don't know someone was gonna try it but me and my sister never got to it.

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117 Call a strip club and ask if they do children's parties

Best one m8 8/8 great



Noo! they chould possibly go to jail

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118 Call Taco Bell and say: If you are happy and you know it clap you hands song
119 Hello, Life Alert! I've fallen and I can't get up.

I agree. Life Alert is to save someone that could be injured or in need of help. Some things are funny. But some, like this, just AREN'T. Anyone that does this and likes it has a problem.

I just did this and the people that I called called the cops!

Cruel, you are a sick and twisted person. (UNLESS your calling K-mart...)

This is y its number 95 life alert saved my grandmas life what kind of sick person are you

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120 I will find your house [hang up].

This is a bad idea overall if you mean it to be scary. If you say it like, yeah ill find your house don't worry, then you're fine. But saying this in a scary way is a bad idea.

That's not funny they could call the cops or something

I did it on my friend and she called back, so funny

Evil. Sick and twisted person.

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