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61 Keds

Best shoe brand! They last long, have many diffrent styles and look great with anything! Their comfortable and pretty cheap. They should defiantly should be in the top 10 and not down here at 64.

Looks nice, cheap, nice color by the way, new balance don't mixed color together pretty well though

Own two pairs. For the past 2 years still in great shape

They wish that they were vans - Thicc_Neeson

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LE COQ gave Joakim Noah horrible ankle and foot issues - Thicc_Neeson

One of the most underrated brands

63 Macbeth

Best, lasted 3 years out of one pair... a bit pricy though

This is the best shoes if you love music...I love this shoes becauss I love tom delonge.

64 Christian Louboutin

Best shows ever, millionaires can afford

65 Kobe

Why is it like at the bottom!

Kobe are nice

What u guys got no taste Kobe kd lebron are under sketchers why


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66 World Balance

It is not too heavy and stylish and affordable

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67 Birkenstock

Wide and good fit but stiff

These are great shoes.

So comfortable

good shoes

68 Kappa

When compare with the price kappa shoes are awesome

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69 Superga
70 Brooks

These are awesome running shoes! I like the feel of them. These shoes should be before Nike.

Very cushioned and lots of support but not very popular

These should be #6 because they are cool, AND GREAT QUALITY!

71 Bass

Shoes with an Executive look - prices ought to moderate for those professionals with a balanced budget

This is the coolest looking shoes ever

Comfortability and quality that's all..

72 Carlton London

I bought a pair of shoes recently, real leather. Not only prices great, the comfort was amazing! I had to buy an extra pair.

These are so bad they should last

These shoes suck!

Amazing shoes! def value for money

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73 Columbus

nice shoes

74 Nautica

Simply good shoes.Nice design and small enough so you feel diferent from everyone else while wearing these hule not being too obscure

75 Kustom

Why are these 55th

This shoe brand should be in top 10

76 Adio
77 Steve Madden

Can't believe Steve Madden is not even on this list, they make such gorgeous and good quality shoes, I especially love their boots.

Steve maddens are the best they need to be higher

Because this is sports shoe brands

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78 Fallen
79 Avia

I like avia because you can run and have your own style at the same time

Very confortable I think it should be number 15 on the list

Cool shoes

80 Newton

These are amazing running shoes.

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