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121 Maxed

Good shoe brand but not the best hockey sticks

Quite strong as well as fair priced

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122 Rivers
123 Dek

Quality shoe with a good sole and a air breathing toe area which would make anyone jealous of your trendy shoe and people will wish to pay 5 pound to have what you have (5 pound from ebay) #quality

124 Firefly V 1 Comment
125 Vibram V 2 Comments
126 Bearpaw V 1 Comment
127 Power

Are worst sole gets damaged easily and are not comfortable very bad

They just suck

128 Kenneth Cole Reaction

This is the best shoes ever better than nike. nike is like barf and crap mix with a blender

The name says it all. kenneth "COLE REACTION"

129 Kmart Look Like Vans/Converse

These shoes can Trick your friends to make it look like youve bought thousands of dollars worth of shoes! 1

130 Warrior
131 Zioso

They are so far the best shoes when it comes to fashion and dance shoes - shoes

132 Starter

Don't like the that much but there still pretty cool

They are comfortable but they fall apart quickly

133 Op

Op is comfortable and flexible, and good for running!

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134 Coach Coach

Awesome good for running and stylish

135 Mercury
136 Diadora

Do not buy these

At least top ten?

Great soccer shoes


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137 Dr. Martens

I am in love with Dr Martens! They should be at least in the top 20, or top 10! I have a pair of white ones that I'm loving at the moment! Buy some, you won't regret it! :D

I just ordered some they are amazing why is this not in the top 10?!

Why so low? Number 1, in my opinion

Best shoes ever. I guess only sophesticated people know about this shoes. 😁

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138 PF Flyers

They have awesome basketball, baseball, and casual shoes. Plus thy have great support on your feet, they are so comfortable. They are $49 a pair, which is not too bad. And they come in many colors.

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139 Scorpio

Just under armor shoes but still good shoes

That's my zodiac sign

They are good

These look good... better than skeshers

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140 The Hundreds

Is This Even A Shoe?

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